Lindsay Lohan shows she’s can still light a fire in new Hunger magazine photos. Has she finally put her hot mess days behind her? (Photo by Rankin).

Lindsay Lohan has her own page in a book of poetry by Amber Tamblyn that features actresses such as Jayne Mansfield and Brittany Murphy who died tragically either through spectacular suicides, drug overdoses or car accidents. Problem is, LiLo’s still alive.

According to Tamblyn, this is how we “project our feelings onto other people.”

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Or it could be a good way to sensationalized poetry books, which aren’t usually New York Times best sellers. Whatever the case, Lindsay is probably not amused.

There was a time, of course, when it seemed Lindsay was certainly heading for an early demise. Starting with a DUI arrest in 2007 she went through a five-year period of bad behavior, run-ins with the law and excessive partying.

Lindsay Lohan Still Lives!!! (Click Photos to Enlarge!)

But that was then. She went through a couple of rounds of rehab and vowed to clean up her act.

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For the past two years, she’s been making great strides to straighten out her life, and is now living in London to avoid the toxic LA scene. And, she never looked better, despite a chain-smoking cigarette habit.

So, Tamblyn seems to have missed her window of opportunity. Yet there she is. Of course, there is no poem. Just a black page appears in the book with Lohan’s name on it.

It’s sort of like a tombstone that has yet to be chiseled.

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“For me, I did not put that in there to say, ‘You’re next,’ the author tells New York magazine. “I put that in there to say, ‘I am not going to do you what everyone else does,’ which is write a poem about your life — which is not my life.”

She adds:

It’s less a statement that she deserves to be grouped in with a bunch of dead women and more of a statement of she deserves to be in there because she is treated like those dead women already; she is treated like she is already dead. Everyone has their own take or different feeling about it.

The legitimate “dead” actresses all appear to have been culled from tabloid headlines. One committed suicide by parking her running car in a garage, one jumped off the “H” in the famous Hollywood sign, and another was strangled by her boyfriend in the driveway of their home, according to the magazine.

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Among the more famous names ’50s sex siren Mansfield was killed in a grisly car accident that decapitated her. Murphy died of drug-related cardiac arrest in her bathroom and Dominique Dunne was murdered.

Tamblyn, 31, is best known for her television roles in the soap “General Hospital” and in the hit show “Two and a Half Men.” She’s also appeared on the big-screen in “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” “The Grudge 2,” “The Ring” and “127 Hours.”

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