Bruce Jenner is ready to detail his transition to a woman, but he will only go so far in his interview with Diane Sawyer, and won't be revealing his new name.  (Photo: Getty)

Bruce Jenner is ready to detail his transition to a woman, but he will only go so far in his interview with Diane Sawyer, and won’t be revealing his new name. (Photo: Getty)

Bruce Jenner has touched off wildly speculative reports in advance of his appearance on a Diane Sawyer special. They center on when he will come out as a woman and the name he plans to use once he becomes transgender. Don’t believe most of them.

By far the biggest unsubstantiated rumor, perpetrated by USWeekly is that Bruce will either call himself Belinda or Bridgett.

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The magazine trumpeted those names in its latest issue, but so far there is no confirmation that it’s true, and more likely, the report is fabricated. Our source says Bruce will choose a name that is not flashy or conspicuous.

He already feels his transition to a woman is creating far more disruption than even he imagined, culminating earlier this week when paparazzi shattered his privacy and peered into his home using long-range camera lenses.

After warning them away once, Bruce was so incensed he called police. But the photographers got what they wanted–an exclusive photo of Bruce wearing a dress. It was published yesterday in The New York Daily News to much criticism.

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Contrary to other reports, Bruce will not wear a dress for his Sawyer interview, nor will he reveal his new name, according to gossip site TMZ. He wants to use the show, however, to mark the beginning of his life as a woman.

He hopes to explain how he arrived at his decision to become a woman, so the public will know this wasn’t a decision he made easily, according to our source.

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He also wants to make clear that he has felt like a woman trapped in a man’s body since he was a child. He will also talk about how he’s tried to break the news to his family and protect them from any hurt they may feel.

His decision to undergo a sex change is nothing less than sensation because of his feats during the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. He won a gold medal in the decathlon. The event involves ten different sports and is considered one of the most grueling of the summer games.

After his win, he was hailed as the epitome of manhood, became a national hero and even appeared on a Wheaties box. So he’s had more than enough of the limelight.

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Now he is looking forward to the simple things about being a woman. Shopping for clothes, wearing makeup and picking out shoes, according to TMZ, things he always wanted to do, but never could.

The interview airs on ABC on Apr. 24. Be sure to follow IM on Twitter for the latest updates on Bruce’s transition you can trust.

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