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Tiger Woods Sex Scandal Fling Rachel Uchitel Returns Ready to Date, Again

Tiger Woods Sex Scandal Fling Rachel Uchitel Returns Ready to Date, Again 1

Tiger Woods was secretly dating New York hostess Rachel Uchitel when his wife discovered their affair in 2009, touching off his sex scandal.

Tiger Woods has moved on from his notorious sex scandal, but one of his flings, New York Party girl Rachel Uchitel, hasn’t. She surfaced in the news again after Woods and Olympic skier called it quits on their three year relationship.

Uchitel, now 40 and divorced with a child, told gossip site TMZ she coincidentally just broke up with her major league baseball player boyfriend Bret Boone.

And, yes, she would be open to dating Woods again, this time on the up-and-up. But they clearly have some baggage to clean up first.

You may recall, Woods was seeing Uchitel on the sly when his wife, Swedish beauty Elin Nordegren discovered Uchitel’s text messages on her husband’s cell phone.

That led to the infamous Thanksgiving night blow up in 2009 when Woods wrecked his car while trying to flee Elin’s wrath at their sprawling Florida mansion.

The incident kicked off Woods’ cheating scandal. By the time it was over, some 18 months later, more than a dozen women had come forward, including Woods’ 21-year-old neighbor. All claimed they had sex with the golf star during his marriage.

Uchitel insisted she was No. 1 in is heart and now she apparently has been telling friends she’s open to rekindling the relationship.

“We both loved each other very much, [but] it was humiliating and devastating to have to break up that way,” she reportedly told a friend, according to TMZ.

Before they hook up again, however, Rachel reportedly said Woods “would have to do some major apologizing to get back in my good graces.”

During the scandal, lurid reports emerged about their secret relationship. Uchitel allegedly bragged that they had wild Ambien-fueled sex and even intimated that they had anal sex, according to reports at the time.

Woods and his wife eventually ended up in divorce, and he started openly dating Vonn in 2012. She helped clean up his image as a serial cheater and get his life back on track.

He is not known to have been in contact with Uchitel since the scandal. She moved on and was married in 2011 to insurance underwriter and former Penn State fullback Matt Hahn. They had a child before divorcing in 2013.

Before the Woods’ scandal, Uchitel was also outed for having an affair with actor David Boreanaz while his wife was pregnant.

As the saying goes, what goes around comes around. Should Tiger hook up again with his infamous side girl?

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