"Miley Cyrus has given new meaning to her music and antics by founding the Happy Hippie Foundation for LGBT youths.

“Miley Cyrus has given new meaning to her music and antics by founding the Happy Hippie Foundation for LGBT youths.

Miley Cyrus believes one good turn deserves another. After taking a homeless man as her date to the 2014 MV Video Music Awards, she decided she could make a difference by launching the Happy Hippie Foundation to help LGBT youths and the homeless.

Cyrus appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” today (May 5) to promote the foundation and explain why she launched it today.

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She noted that “40 percent” of homelessness is really focused on LGBT individuals, “because I think, of the lack of acceptance” from society as a whole, she said.

“The position I’m in, I feel like I’ve got a lot of power,” she told the The Associated Press. “But so many kids don’t feel that way. They’re under their parents’ rule.”

Cyrus revealed that she has dabbled in bi-sexuality and sees herself as “not tied to a gender or an age. I feel, you know, like an infinite, cosmic thing! And that’s what I want people to feel,” she said.

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More than 1.6 million young people are homeless in the United States, according to the National Coalition for the Homeless, and about 40 percent of those are lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgendered.

“It’s something that everyone sees. It’s like the birds chirping. We’re consciously ignoring it at all times, but it’s always happening right in front of us,” she said.

Cyrus said she was motivated to create the foundation after her experience at the MTV awards show and the suicide of transgender teen Leelah Alcorn in December.

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She said she also found inspiration from Bruce Jenner’s decision to come out as a transgender female and realized she had a platform thorugh her tours to do something constructive.

“I thought it was really cool in Bruce Jenner’s interview when he talks about using the platform. Something like being on a reality show or, you know, me being on a tour, if it gets you in front of that many impressionable people and taking the power of social media it’s the best thing ever,” Cyrus told ABC News.

“I don’t really wanna sing just for myself,” said Cyrus. “I wanna’ be doing something.”

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Cyrus has created a facebook page for the Happy Hippie Foundation and is recording backyard session songs with other artists to raise money.

The Facebook page will also be a clearing house so LGBT teens can get information and access to resources.

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