Taylor Swift's new video is all about bad blood, mainly hers with Katy Perry.  But also possibly Selena Gomez's with Kendall Jenner. (Photo: Taylor Swift)

Taylor Swift’s new video is all about bad blood, mainly hers with Katy Perry. But also possibly Selena Gomez’s with Kendall Jenner. (Photo: Taylor Swift)

Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video exploded on the big screen last night in more ways than one. Swift revealed today that she narrowly avoided injury in a failed stunt. Meanwhile, Kendall Jenner is trying to explain away Swift’s snub.

Among other things, Swift’s video was a catalog of entertainment’s cool kids. She had more than 20 friends appear in cameo roles.

Who wouldn’t kill to be in one of Taylor’s most elaborate videos ever? Well, apparently Kendall Jenner.

IM was one of the few media outlets to point out how she was conspicuously absent from the video, even though some of her closest model friends, like Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne, were part of the cast.

While it’s hard to know why precisely because Swift isn’t talking, some earlier tabloid reports claimed there was real bad blood between Jenner and Swift BFF Selena Gomez over some nonsense involving Justin Bieber.

Taylor has never really had much feeling for Bieber, whom she’s snubbed on more than one occasion.

So if it’s true, there’s no question Swift would stand by Selena, who has been one of her long-time friends.

But late today, a supposed source close to Jenner told E! News the willowy half-sister of Kim Kardashian had a “prior commitment.”

Kendall was invited, she just “couldn’t do it because she had an out-of-town commitment on shoot day,” the source reportedly said.

Yet somehow, more than 20 other singers, models and actresses found the time to be there. Just how busy is Kendall?

It was unfortunate to see Kendall and sister Kylie Jenner get booed at the Billboard Music Awards. The jeers were likely because of Kim and Kanye West. Still…

Meanwhile, Swift posted a clip on Instagram showing the stunt go wrong. At 1:42 in the video, she is blasted through a wall. But the first take didn’t go quite so well.

She popped through the false wall with a little too much force and was thrown into the wall across the hallway and onto the floor. #stuntFAIL.” Swift noted.

Check out the blown take (literally) below and click here to see the finished product.

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