Amanda Seyfried talks to Vogue magazineabout her latest film  'Ted 2' and overcoming stage fright by appearing in a new play in front of a live audience. (Photo by Mario Testino for Vogue)

Amanda Seyfried talks about her latest film ‘Ted 2’ and overcoming stage fright by appearing in a new play in front of a live audience in vogue magazine. (Photo by Mario Testino for Vogue)

Amanda Seyfried looks fearless on the big-screen whether she’s singing in “Les Meiserables” or doing a nude lesbian scene in the erotic thriller “Chloe.” But she’s always harbored a deep fear, which she’s about to overcome.

Seyfried, 29, talked about her fears in a new interview in the latest issue of Vogue magazine.

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The fashion bible put her on the cover, another signal she’s a major star, even though she’s one of the most under-rated actresses in Hollywood.

She’s never been nominated for an Oscar or even a Golden Globe, despite her incredible range, whether it’s a musical, drama or comedy. She’s the new Anne Hathaway.

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Although she’s yet to turn 30, she’s had a long screen career that began on television soaps as a teen. She moved to the big screen with breakout roles in 2004’s “Mean Girls” and 2008’s “Mamma Mia!” with Meryl Streep.

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She’s managed to grow up on screen without the meltdowns that plagued other contemporary child stars and rarely pops up on the tabloids, because she lives mostly in upstate New York and New York City.

She has a new movie out, Seth McFarland’s “Ted 2,” with Mark Wahlberg, and for the first time in her career, will star in a The Way We Get By, a new Neil LaBute play directed by Leigh Silverman.

The play is a very big deal for her because being in front of a live audience has always been paralyzing for her, according to the magazine.

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“I have a lot of anxiety that I’ve been struggling with my whole life. So I have been working through it. I’m terrified, but this is exactly what I wanted,” she says.

Of course, you would never know it judging by her film work. She hasn’t been afraid to to take chances with her career, like starring in the 2013 film about ’70s porn star Linda Lovelace. Or, clunkers like “Jennifer’s Body” and “Little Red Riding Hood.”

But she’s had no shortage of work; in fact, she’s one of the most in-demand actresses in Hollywood. Last year, she appeared in Western comedy “A Million Ways to Die in the West” and “While We’re Young,” a comedy-drama with Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts.

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This year, she has four other films in the works, beside “Ted 2,” including “Pan,” an extravaganza that reunites her with Hugh Jackman from “Les Miserables.”

It tells how the story of Peter Pan and Captain Hook originated and also stars Garrett Hedlund, Rooney Mara and Levi Miller.

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