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Cindy Crawford and husband Rande Gerber celebrated their 17-year wedding anniversary with a throwback bikini photo.

Supermodel Cindy Crawford and husband Rande Gerber celebrated their 17-year wedding anniversary with a throwback photo showing Cindy in a bikini. “17 years ago we decided to jump into life together. Happy anniversary, babe. I love you!” Crawford wrote in an Instagram photo.

Crawford posted the throwback photo of her and Rande jumping into a pool and another Instagram photo lovingly cradling a bouquet of flowers she received from Gerber.

At 49, Cindy still has an amazing bikini body, thanks to a lifelong dedication to diet and exercise.

Crawford’s anti-aging beauty and fitness secrets include a low-carb diet and regular workouts that include yoga and Pilates, Examiner reported.

“I eat right and I exercise and I drink water,” said Cindy. “I try to get enough sleep. True beauty is the energy you give out, and that comes through being happy.”

Crawford, a longtime fitness fanatic, works out three to four days a week, combining cardio exercise, weight lifting, yoga, hiking, biking and Pilates.

Cindy Crawford is fit and fab at 49, thanks to a low carb diet, yoga and Pilates workouts. (Getty Images, Instagram)

Crawford said she mixes up her exercise routine to keep from getting bored and to make sure she works her entire body.

Cindy, who has her own skincare line called Meaningful Beauty, said she uses sunscreen and other anti-aging wrinkle creams daily. “I use SPF day cream every day, cleanser every day and night,” said Crawford.

Despite being hailed for her stunning beauty, Crawford admits she has struggled with body image because she was always bigger than other models during her heyday.

Crawford, who admits to having undergone a few cosmetic procedures (including Botox), said consistent exercise, eating well and having a positive attitude are critical for successful aging and true happiness. “If you’re happy in your life and you’re doing work that you like, that comes across,” she said.

Cindy Crawford has been married to businessman Rande Gerber since 1998. The couple has two children: her lookalike daughter Kaia and son Presley.

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