Kim Kardashian's pregnancy announcement beat her step-dad's coming out as a woman. It was no accident, according to a source.  (Photo: Getty)

Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy announcement beat her step-dad’s coming out as a woman. It was no accident, according to a source. (Photo: Getty)

Kim Kardashian made a rushed decision to announce her pregnancy at the urging of momager Kris Jenner in what a source described as a desperate bid to blunt step-dad Bruce Jenner’s coming out and prevent him from overshadowing her in the news cycle.

Kim was also concerned that Bruce would relegate her to a footnote in his story, if he came out before she announced her pregnancy.

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So one day before Bruce was scheduled to reveal in Vanity Fair magazine his new gender and name, Kim Tweeted the news about her second pregnancy with rapper husband Kanye West.

The plan, however, failed to stem the media interest in Bruce’s long-awaited coming out.

With the release of the magazine, Jenner said he no longer would assume the identity of a man. Henceforth, he will only be known as a woman named Caitlyn Jenner and only use feminine pronouns.

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The magazine released the cover featuring Caitlyn in a sexy pose in a body suit. She was photographed by renown photographer Annie Liebovitz. She also created a Twitter account in her new name and announced her new identity.

Our source said Kim was the one determined to beat her step-dad to the media spotlight, but also consulted with momager Kris, who signed off on the move. Kris was reportedly shocked to finally see Bruce as a woman.

The timing of the announcements sent a signal that Bruce, who has always taken a back seat to his step-children, would not steal the spotlight from them.

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The Kardashians, especially momager Kris, believe their business empire hinges on their ability to constantly stay in the media spotlight and dominate the celebrity news cycle. That explains their unending publication of selfies and tireless appearances for photo-ops.

In fact, hubbie Kanye West was reportedly convinced by his wife to drop his hostility toward the paparazzi after she explained to them how important they were to the family business.

Caitlyn will be back in the spotlight next month when a multi-part series airs detailing her transition to a woman. Since she brokered the deal after his separation from Kris, the family has been cut out of the deal.

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Our source says look for Kim to develop her own reality series focusing on her pregnancy. Although she was reserved during her first pregnancy, she plans to turn her latest gestation into a full-blown marketing event.

As for Caitlyn, the family, including the Kardashian kids, have all said publicly they support her transition, but business-wise, she’s viewed as a rival who will not be allowed to overshadow the girls.

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