Sylvester Stallone's gorgeous daughter, Sistine, is a budding supermodel at 16. (Photo: Instagram)

Sylvester Stallone’s gorgeous daughter, Sistine, is a budding supermodel at 16. (Photo: Instagram)

Sylvester Stallone‘s daughter, Sistine Stallone, has blossomed into a full-blown hottie at 16. Sistine, who recently showed off her hot bikini body on Instagram, looks like a budding supermodel with her long legs and graceful limbs.

Could Sistine give celebrity spawn Kendall Jenner a run for the money in the fashion world?

Earlier this year, Sistine did a photo spread for Teen Vogue, where she discussed whether she’d like to follow in the footsteps of her mom, former model Jennifer Flavin.

“She’s like my wingman,” Sistine told of Teen Vogue of mom Jennifer Flavin. “She’s taught me my good side, my bad side, how to walk for the runway, and how to become someone else in a certain outfit. Modeling is basically acting, changing personalities. You don’t want to be yourself.”

Flavin has been married to Sylvester Stallone since 1997. The couple has three daughters: Sistine, 16, Sophia Rose, 18, and Scarlet Rose, 12.

Sistine hasn’t caught the acting bug (yet) like her famous dad, but said she definitely inherited the Rocky star’s work ethic.

sistine stallone teen vogue

Sistine Stallone wants to be a fashion model just like mom Jennifer Flavin.

“I inherited my dad’s sense of humor and work ethic,” said Sistine. “I’m a horrible actor! I hate seeing myself talk on camera—I look ridiculous!”

Meanwhile, Sylvester Stallone continues to churn out hit movies at age 68.  Stallone’s 2014 film, The Expendables 3 (which he wrote and produced) has grossed $206 million to date. “The Expendables 4” is currently in the works.

Even though she’s a total babe, Sistine doesn’t have a boyfriend because of her overprotective father. “I’m not allowed [to date],” said Stallone. “My dad—that’s the problem right there!”

Overall, Sistine realizes how lucky she is. “I’m grateful to have been born into a loving family,” she said. “I’m thankful for the life they’ve given me.”

Sistine Stallone is a Knockout in Teen Vogue (click photos to enlarge)

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