Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe had a lot on her mind during a New York City outing with her suitors. Now, she also has Nick back.  (Photo: Instagram)

Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe had a lot on her mind during a New York City outing with her suitors. Now, she also has Nick back. (Photo: Instagram)

“Bachelorette” Kaitlyn Bristowe spared the men in her television life for another week, after she decided not to hand out any roses on the two-hour extended show, despite a lot of douche baggery among them, most of all Clint, whom she called the biggest DB in “Bachelorette” history.

In the end, though, she just couldn’t part with any of the guys.

“You guys all mean a lot to me; no one’s gonna go home. I just feel too good about everyone that’s here right now,” she said in a surprise move after their New York City outing.

But that was after she called Clint the “biggest douche in ‘Bachelor’ history.” She told the other men Clint was a goner. Even JJ could see which way the rose was falling and busted his pal for wasting everybody’s time and emotions.

Joshua seemed to seal the deal last week when he told Kaitlyn that Clint was there mainly because of his pal JJ. But Clint had a few choice words for JJ before he left. “Get the fu*k out of my face,” he snarled. (Check out their face-off video!)

Wow, after that JJ outright started bawling. Does he get points for being sensitive, or does he look too unmanly to win Kaitlyn’s affections?

It seemed like he had virtually sealed his fate as the next one to go until Kaitlyn made her big announcement… no roses!

From there, Kaitlyn, Jonathan, Justin, Ben Z., Corey, Ryan, Tanner, JJ, and Shawn made their way to New York City. The “group date” ended up in a club where Kaitlyn put the guys to the ultimate test… a rap battle.

Kaitlyn wanted to bring out the best and worst in each guy since a rap battle would involve a lot of boasting and dissing each other. She’s got that right. It was hilarious, even with rapper Doug E. Fresh coaching.

But more than rapping went down at the club. Kaitlyn ran into Nick Viall from Andi Dorfman’s “Bachelorette” turn. And, it turns out that they had a thing for each other!

Bristowe and Nick have been talking since the end of last season, and Nick confessed that he would regret it for the rest of his life, if she got engaged to anyone but him. Kaitlyn promised to “think about it.”

When she revealed the substance of the conversation to there other guys, however, they were really pissed. Even worse, she hooked up with Nick during their party on the boat and they made out. The following day, she met up with Nick again, and told her she had similar feelings.

She said she would regret it as well, if she didn’t give the obvious chemistry between them a chance to work. They kissed again and discussed bringing him back on the show. She finally decided to make the move and informed the other guys.

Nick was buoyant when he showed up at the hotel. ‘What’s up guys?” he chortled. Let’s just say the other guys were none too pleased.

Meanwhile, Kaitlyn went on a one-on-one date with Jared, who made his best showing dressed in a tuxedo. Their champagne and caviar dinner at the Metropolitan Museum of Art was capped by a helicopter flight over the city. It was a pretty dreamy date that included a kiss.

What did you think of Jared’s poem–hokey, or romantic?

For the next group date, Kaitlyn lined up Ian, Joe, Joshua, Ben H. and Chris and headed to Broadway for another surprise. She asked them to audition for a part in the musical Aladdin, which required singing and dancing.

Chris actually had some serious pipes and won the competition and Kaitlyn for a one-on-one date. Cris killed it onstage and Kaitlyn rewarded him with a backstage kiss.

They took a romantic stroll through Times Square and went to the top of the building where the New Year’s Eve ball drop is held every year. It was the perfect spot to kiss… and they did! Watch out Nick.

In next week’s episode, the chemistry will change with Nick back in action. Someone will be heading home, for sure.

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