Conrad Hughes Hilton is pictured with his father (background) who apparently has bailed him out of trouble before the latest incident. (Photo: Instagram)

Conrad Hughes Hilton is pictured with his father (background) who apparently has bailed him out of trouble before the latest incident. (Photo: Instagram)

Paris Hilton’s brother, Conrad Hughes Hilton the crass, over-bearing self-entitled scion of the Hilton hotel family, received a stern slap on the wrist today (June 16) for his five-mile-high rant on a flight from London to Los Angeles last July.

Hilton, 21, could have faced up to six years in prison after he was initially charged with a felony assault.

He ended up pleading guilty in March to a misdemeanor assault charge. On Tuesday (June 16) he was ordered to perform 750 hours of community service and undergo mental health and substance abuse treatment.

He could have been sentenced to six-months in jail. Instead he will serve three years on probation.

Hilton said he’d already gone to rehab, apologized for the outburst and promised it wouldn’t happen again, according to The Associated Press.

The incident unfolded on a British Airways flight. According to court papers and other reports, Hilton refused to sit down when ordered by flight attendants. He restlessly roamed the plane cursing and threatening passengers.

He ducked into a bathroom at one point and fired up a joint. He called passengers “peasants” and threatened to kill flight attendants who followed him through the plane. He was eventually restrained and handcuffed.

Hilton’s bad behavior didn’t end with the flight. He was arrested a month after the incident in Los Angeles following a a high-speed chase with police that ended with his BMW crashing into a car and a semi-tractor and trailer.

He was charged with reckless driving and evading a police officers. He faces up to three-years in jail if convicted. He is next scheduled to appear in court July 14.

On the British Airways flight, Hilton bellowed, “I will fucking own anyone on this flight; they are fucking peasants,” according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles.

“You need to stop squaring up to me,” he also screamed at one flight attendant, according to the document. “I am going to fucking kill you.”

The outburst caused children on the flight to cry and frightened other passengers.

Conrad Hilton, the grandfather of Paris and her brother, founded the Hilton hotel chain, but the Hilton family no longer has any connection to the business, which is now publicly owned.

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