Emma Stone stars in her second Woody Allen movie and reveals she's a big fan. He calls her the new Diane Keaton. Is it love?  (Photo by Angelo Pennetta for WSJ Mag)

Emma Stone stars in her second Woody Allen movie and reveals she’s a big fan. He calls her the new Diane Keaton. Is it love? (Photo by Angelo Pennetta for WSJ Mag)

Emma Stone said she was terrified working with Woody Allen on his new movie because of his quirky directing style, but the 79-year-old director was totally smitten with the young Hollywood ingenue. He even called her the next Diane Keaton.

Stone, 26, stars in Allen’s new film “Irrational Man,” a mystery drama that Allen wrote and directed.

The film also stars Jamie Blackley, Joaquin Phoenix and Parker Posey. Allen does not appear in the film.

The story is about a college professor, suffering from a severe case of existential ennui, who falls for one of his young students (Stone) and sudden finds his life turning around.

Stone previously co-starred in Allen’s 2014 romantic comedy “Magic in the Moonlight.”

Emma Stone Wows the Woodman
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The film co-starred Colin Firth, Hamish Linklater, Marcia Gay Harden, Jacki Weaver, Erica Leerhsen, Eileen Atkins and Simon McBurney.

Critics praised Firth and Stone for their roles in the film but were less kind to Allen. Most of the criticism focused on the script.

“Irrational Man” debuted at the Cannes Film Festival in May. It received mixed reviews and a 50 score on rottentomatoes, which tracks critical reviews. The 12 critics who’ve seen it so far, either love it or hate it.

“Woody Allen contemplates the perfect murder (again) in a darkly funny, intellectually rigorous campus comedy,” wrote Scott Foundas for trade rag Variety.

But Kate Muir, writing for The Times of London, was unimpressed. “As pretentious as it is absurd, the new movie relies on that tired Allen trope: intellectual older man falls in love with beautiful woman half his age, and farce ensues,” she wrote.

Indeed, Allen’s obsession with younger women is well known. Stone says working with the famed director is a trip.

“It’s terrifying,” she tells The Wall Street Journal magazine. “He doesn’t do table reads or any rehearsal. You can’t even ask questions about your character, because he’ll be like: ‘You know this is a movie, right?’”

Stone has followed Allen’s career since she saw Allen’s 1977 film, “Annie Hall,” when she was 14. She says she hung out at the Café Carlyle in Manhattan to catch him playing clarinet and named her dog, Alvy, after Allen’s “Annie Hall.”

Allen says he was smitten when he saw her in “one of those young people’s movies.” His initial reaction: “My God, this girl is remarkable.”

“She’s so good in everything,” Allen gushes to the magazine.

“I see a lot of the best traits of Diane Keaton in her. Keaton was someone who could be in ‘The Godfather’ and movies with Meryl Streep, but also do comedy and sing and dance.

“I think Emma has the potential to be one of the biggest female stars for years,” he adds.

In fact, Stone’s next movie, “La La Land,” is a contemporary musical about an aspiring actress and a jazz pianist, in which she sings and dances.

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