This photo purportedly of Bobby Kristina Brown lying on her deathbed was 'recreated' by the National Enquirer. (Photo: National Enquirer)

This photo purportedly of Bobby Kristina Brown lying on her deathbed was ‘recreated’ by the National Enquirer, which fooled many into thinking they were real. (Photo: National Enquirer)

Bobbi Kristina Brown deathbed photos are purportedly being shopped around by someone who visited her at her hospice care facility, but The National Enquirer doesn’t have them, even though it’s latest issue may lead you to believe otherwise.

The low-flying tabloid states in fine print next to the photos that they are “recreations.” In other words they are fake.

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But the magazine is reaping tons of publicity because its latest issue coincides with reports that real deathbed photos are being offered for sale, allegedly by one of Bobby Brown’s family members, according to gossip site TMZ.

Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious lying face down in a bathtub full of water in February. She was revived but has been in a coma ever since.

She was taken off life support and transported to the Peachtree Christian Hospice Center in Georgia, last month, reportedly to “die in peace.” A steady stream of relatives from both the Brown and Houston families have visited her.

The Enquirer photos, which appear on the cover and inside the magazine, illustrate a story claiming there is “proof” that half-brother and lover Nick Gordon murder the late-Whitney Houston’s only child.

The label “recreation” is so small, only a discerning reader would spot it. The Enquirer fostered the fake by stamping “Chilling Last Photos” on the cover. Of course, they were anything but.

The sleight-of-hand was given an additional boost because The Enquirer has a long history of publishing celebrity deathbed and casket photos.

It shocked the world in 1977 when the tabloid published a photo of Elvis Presley lying in his casket. It did the same to Houston who died in 2012, publishing a photo of her in her casket as well.

So don’t be surprised if The Enquirer comes up with the real photo. But for the moment, Bobbi Kristina’s privacy is still preserved.

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