Janet Jackson celebrated her 49th birthday today with a surprise announcement of a new album and new tour.  Does she still have it?

Janet Jackson celebrated her 49th birthday with a surprise announcement of a new album and new tour. She released a video for her first single today (July24).

Janet Jackson throws back to the Golden era of R&B in a new video for her single “No Sleeep.” While the song may be old-school R&B, the ’80s super star shows she still has the groove–and the hot looks–to push back against artists half her age.

Jackson, 49, revealed on her birthday in May that she was launching a comeback with a new album and a supporting tour.

As part of her birthday surprise, Janet released a video and tweeted what is being widely reported to be the title of her new album #ConversationsInACafe. She’s obviously social media savvy.

“I promised you’d hear it from my lips, and now you will,” Jackson said in the birthday video, which is really an audio message. It features a computer screen from a recording deck.

But this video is the real deal.

Jackson promoted it on NBC’s “Today” show this morning. Then, dropped the clip on Twitter and YouTube. “I hope u enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed making it,” she Tweeted.

As far as the look and feel goes, the video almost seems like Janet took a time machine back to 1985. She’s filmed in a posh darkened living room with a stone fireplace. She softly slow jams.

Janet looks dreamy, as if she can’t wait to make love. About midway through the song, J. Cole appears on the couch. He adds a rap chorus. Hey, Janet may be a throwback, but she’s still hip to the times.

Janet Jackson’s tour is also shaping up. It’s reportedly going to be called her “Unbreakable Tour.” It sounds like her career, but the Backstreet Boys used the same title for their tour in 2008-09, so don’t believe it until you see it.

The tour is supposed to kick off Aug. 31 and run through March of 2016. Jackson may also have her eye, eventually, on a lucrative Las Vegas residency.

Jackson married billionaire Wissam Al Mana in 2012. He’s a Qatari business magnate who owns 55 companies and is nine years her junior.

Many of her fans thought she’d retired and have been urging her to make new music.

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