Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe made her pick on last night's season finale and Shawn was the one! Will the make it together for more than a year? (Photo: Rick Rowell for ABC)

Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe made her pick on last night’s season finale and Shawn was the one! Will the make it together for more than a year? (Photo: Rick Rowell for ABC)

Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe endured a lot of drama and social media snark to finally pick Shawn Booth as her betrothed. Then, they immediately went into spin control mode to defend the romance, after Jimmy Kimmel called their hand.

You may recall, last month Kaitlyn brought Nick back to the show.

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After that, the other guys, Jonathan, Justin, Ben Z., Corey, Ryan, Tanner, JJ, and Shawn, seemed to realize the handwriting was on the wall.

Kaitlyn met Nick Viall during Andi Dorfman’s “Bachelorette” season. And, it turns out that they had a thing for each other!

Nick confessed that he would regret it for the rest of his life, if she got engaged to anyone but him. Kaitlyn promised to “think about it.”

But it was not to be, although Nick was in it until the end. The season finale opened with Kaitlyn taking Nick and Shawn to meet her family. Even then, Kaitlyn was leaning heavily toward Nick, or at least seemed to be.

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She insisted that Nick wasn’t the heel he appeared to be during Andi’s turn and professed her love for him. Mom and dad both changed their opinion after meeting him. Nick seemed like the one.

Shawn was equally charming, and Kaitlyn’s mom popped the big question: How did he feel about Kaitlyn and Nick sleeping together? Ouch!

Shawn manned up and said he could handle it, impressing mom with his “maturity.” After that, both parents also gave him their seal of approval.

Before she made up her mind, Kaitlyn went on another round of dates. Nick took her on a boat ride, and they seemed as tight as ever. Was the show just creating fake drama?

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It seemed that way when Kaitlyn said she was “in love” with Nick and could see marrying him. But that was before her date with Shawn.

They toured a winery together. Shawn seemed really uncomfortable about the idea of proposing. More drama!

Then came the big let down… for Nick that is. He was forced to go through the humiliation of getting a ring and actually proposing. “I’m yours, if you will have me,” he said.

But Kaitlyn shot him down. Shock!

Then it was Shawn’s turn. “I never want you to question what we have. I am completely yours,” he said before dropping to one knee and giving her the ring.

He looked like he was bracing for disappointment, until Kaitlyn said “Yes!”

Last month, Kaitlyn accidentally gave savvy fans a head’s up on who she would pick. She posted a Snapchat photo showing her in bed with Shawn. The show had already finished taping, but the finale had yet to air. D’oh!

Who would could have guessed, otherwise? Not many given the way Kaitlyn fawned over Nick. Social media was teeming with skeptics.

This is, until Kaitlyn and Shawn appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” last night.

“You’re the first Bachelorette to ruin the ending of the show,” Kimmel chided. “I will tell you, they were very, very mad at you here at ABC.”

Needless to say, Jimmy shared the skepticism. “How many men are you in love with as we sit on this couch?” he asked.

“One,” she replied. Good girl!

Then, they backed up their claim with a pledge. They promised to pay Kimmel $1,000 if the weren’t still together a year from now. Believe it?

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