Kenya Kinski Jones is featured in a new Calvin Klein jeans campaign feature 'love and lust' on social media. (Photo: Instagram)

Kenya Kinski Jones is featured in a new Calvin Klein jeans campaign feature ‘love and lust’ on social media. (Photo: Instagram)

Calvin Klein, known for using young, barely clad models in provocative poses to sell its jeans, has crossed a new line with its latest campaign. It touts those who engage in infidelity through the use of social media apps.

The fashion brand released its first video from the campaign, featuring UK model Lara Stone, on Twitter today (July 30).

The 15-second spot features a woman receiving a text while writhing in bed with a man. The text is from another man who has been viewing her online profile and wants to meet up with her.

She says she can be ready in a half-hour, while the other man stares at her suspiciously.

The clip follows by three days the release of another video on YouTube, explaining the concept behind the campaign.

In a series of texts typed across a black screen it notes that “one-in-five adults logs onto a mobile hookup site daily.” They spend 90 minutes daily sexting with strangers, it continues.

Then, it announces that the brand’s Fall 2015 campaign will launch globally “inviting consumers to become voyeurs in an ever-evolving world of modern sex.”

The video says CK collaborated with “a global assembly of the young, beautiful and sexually liberated. We will follow them into this private world.”

The idea may not be too bad as a study in sociology, but to commercially exploit the trend seems dubious at best. The brand, however, is know for pushing the envelope on sexuality.

It cause an uproar last year when it featured Lottie Moss, the 16-year-old sister of model icon Kate Moss, in a sexually provocative jeans campaign.

It was reminiscent of a similar 1980 campaign featuring a then 15-year-old Brooke Shields with the sexually charged tagline: “Do you know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.”

The brand also raise eyebrows when billboards appeared in New York City showing a model in a pose with three men that suggested she was submitting to group sex.

In its new campaign, it says the ad visuals are inspired by true stories of love… and lust. Kenya Kinski Jones, daughter of music mogul Quincy Jones and actress Nastassja Kinski is among the models featured in the campaign.

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