Gwen Stefani threw husband Gavin Rosedale to the curb, reportedly over cheating issues. Is a mid-life crisis to blame?  (Photo: Marie Claire)

Gwen Stefani threw husband Gavin Rosedale to the curb, reportedly over cheating issues. Is a mid-life crisis to blame? (Photo: Marie Claire)

Gwen Stefani and husband, Bush rocker Gavin Rossdale are ending their 13-year marriage after both appear to be rocked by a mid-life crisis, better known as the “middle age crazies.” It’s all about fleeting youth.

Rossdale, who turns 50 in October, appears to be most afflicted by the psychological condition.

Also known as a “mid-life crisis,” it usually strikes between the ages of 40 and 60, according to medical references. It can affect behavior for three to 10 years in men and two to five years in women, according to medical references.

Although it’s not recognized as a true affliction yet by medical science, some research shows that mid-life crises are triggered by unstable mental and emotional health, usually related to aging.

One thing is certain, it causes people to alter the course of their lives.

Mid-Life Crisis Warning Signs
  • A deep sense of remorse for goals not accomplished
  • A fear of humiliation among more successful colleagues
  • A longing to achieve a feeling of youthfulness
  • A need to spend more time alone or with certain peers
  • A heightened sense of their sexuality or lack thereof
  • Ennui, confusion, resentment or anger due to their discontent with their marital, work, health, economic, or social status
  • Ambitious to right the missteps they feel they have taken early in life

Source: Dr. Phil

Stefani and Rossdale are both youth-oriented individuals because of their music careers. It’s especially evident in Hollywood’s youth-oriented celebrity sub-culture.

Aging is enough to cause someone to act out because it triggers depression over the fear of fleeting youth and diminishing physical capacity, according to medical references.

The most obvious reaction is to throw off social responsibilities like marriage and family to recapture youthful independence.

Midlife is also significant because adults begin to see–and feel–their own mortality.

Oddly, bees exhibit the same behavior. Because of their short lifespan–usually about a year–researchers have studied their behavioral characteristics.

For most of their lives, bees are disciplined and dedicated to the hive. The attend to their work slavishly. But in the fall, as death nears, they stop working and go on wild binges, gorging on food, roaming wildly and stinging with abandon.

Stefani, according to the latest reports, filed for divorce because she suspected Rossdale was cheating on their marriage. She also reportedly complained because he spent so much time on the road, touring, instead of with his family.

The couple have three children: Kingston, 9, Zuma, 6, and Apollo, who is only a year old.

Gwen, who turns 46, also in October, is more accomplished in her career and that may have added to the pressure on Rossdale to obsess on his music rather than her or their family.

The relationship apparently has been strained for some time. Stefani recently vacationed in Montana with the kids without Rossdale, according to gossip site TMZ.

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