Pretty Little Liars finale reveals A's identity. Shocked, surprised, already guessed? Find out who here. (Photo: ABC)

Pretty Little Liars finale reveals A’s identity. Shocked, surprised, already guessed? Find out who here. (Photo: ABC)

“Pretty Little Liars” has had its moments over the past six seasons. But when the plot started to get a little thin, “A” was always there to keep it interesting. Now that he/she is out of the closet–so to speak–will the show ever be the same?

In episode 10 of season 6, Mona set a little trap that led to A’s identity. But wasn’t it just a little hokey?

Mona, who’s always been the eccentric one, revealed at the prom that she’d set a trap for Ali. She revealed that she had been tracking her text messages, hoping to turn up clues. And, she thought she located the source of the texts!

But how? “I coded a program to decrypt the signal source,” she said. Get real! Did she really have the technical chops to do that? Hmmmm…

That’s what’s called a plot leap. When a story can’t logically get from point-A to point-B, writers create something to make it happen, like a decryption device.

Also, you would think if A was intent on concealing his/her identity he/she would be onto something like that. But then where would we be?

Oh well, it’s just a silly show.

Still, it was dramatic enough when Mona’s tracking efforts led the girls to the Carissimi Group headquarters. Sara provides the next clue by recalling that Charles give her a cupcake every year on Sept. 7. The date turn out to be the security code.

They’re so close, yet still playing cat and mouse, until Mona taps into a live feed showing Ali and A together. The camera angle widens as Ali asks a still mysterious figure, “Why would you kill them?”

She was referring to her dad and Jason, who were spotted on the floor. A was there, too, in a hoodie just like he’d be wearing earlier when he was spotted standing on the ledge of a roof by the girls.

Just then the figure turned aroun an it was…(big reveal) CeCe Lake. Of course! What?

Still cool and collected, CeCe tells Ali to stop being so dramatic. ”They’re not dead … yet,” says CeCe, aka Charles, aka A.

OK, so here’s the backstory.

CeCe was actually born a boy, Charles DiLaurentis. He fell in love with his sister (Ali). But in a bit of over-indulgence, she tried to calm Ali’s crying by putting her in a bath–and almost drowned her.

Kenneth thought Charles might be a danger to their other children, but CeCe said Kenneth discovered that he/she secretly wanted to be a girl.

“For as long as I can remember, I asked mom to buy me dresses, but he wouldn’t let her. So I just played dress up in her closet. She thought it was cute. but dad found out…” she explained.

One thing led to another and Charles was shipped off to a lonely life in Radley Sanitarium.

In another flashback, Charles, now 12, was on the roof of Radley with Bethany when Toby’s mother Marion Cavanaugh appeared. Charles hid because he was wearing a dress. Bethany pushed the hapless mom off the roof and blamed it on Charles. The nerve!

But Jessic DiLaurentis engineered a cover-up. She paid Wilden to make it look like Toby’s mom committed suicide. Needless to say, Toby was devastated.

Charles was forced to undergo heavy treatment with psychoactive drugs and was diagnosed with an “intermittent explosive disorder.”

Yes, it’s a real affliction involving “repeated episodes of impulsive, aggressive, violent behavior or angry verbal outbursts,” according to the Mayo Clinic.

When Charles left Radley to attend a funeral, Jessica allowed him to become “Charlotte” and convinced everyone that Charles was dead.

Charlotte took the charade one step further and became CeCe Drake. She ditched Penn, where Radly let her take classes, and returned to Rosewood to be close to her family.

So what does she do? Sh starts dating her own brother!

Shades of incest. But, hey, they never did it, ok?

CeCe was all set to reveal the truth about her identity until Bethany screwed everything up. She tried to rough up Jessica for having an affair with her father. In another maddening, crazy plot twist the show is known for, CeCe mistook Ali for Bethany and clubbed her in the head.

Jessica stepped in again with another cover-up and buried Ali alive to protect CeCe. She paid Wilden to say that CeCe was never in Rosewood.

As it turns out Mona also had blood on her hands. She confessed that she killed Bethany Young in another case of mistaken identity. She thought she was Ali.

CeCe began making the Liars miserable for what happened to Ali. Sara was outed as Red Coat and The Black Widow, working for A. Soon everything became a game for CeCe and she couldn’t stop playing cat and mouse with the “Liars.”

Of course, everything points back to the scene on the roof.

If this is all sounding a little like the ABC series, “Lost,” that’s because it has almost as many bizarre plot twists.

But that’s why we watch, isn’t it?

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