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Elle Fanning at Her Most Feminine Yet as She Readies to Play a Boy (photos!)

Elle Fanning at Her Most Feminine Yet as She Readies to Play a Boy (photos!) 7

Elle Fanning is all of 17, but she exhibits a new level of femininity in Vogue magazine. In her next movie, she’ll play a transgender boy. (Photo: Angelo Penneta for Vogue)

Elle Fanning as a boy? It seems inconceivable, but in her upcoming movie, “About Ray,” she’ll play a young teen girl who becomes a transgender boy. It’s her most challenging role yet and one that has Oscar potential written all over it.

Fanning, who turned 17 in April, is the younger sister of actress Dakota Fanning. And, she can thank her sis for her entre into acting.

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Elle was just three-years-old when she landed her first screen role playing her sister’s character at a younger age. She appeared in the mini-series “Taken” and the movie “I Am Sam.” The latter was a major breakout role for Dakota.

Despite her young age, she’s a veteran actor. She’s appeared in more than starred 50 television and movie roles, according to Vogue, where she graces the magazine’s September issue in a photo shoot by Angelo Panetta.

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Her last major motion picture was Disney’s 2014 remake of the fairy tale classic “Sleeping Beauty.” She played Princess Aurora opposite Angelina Jolie as Maleficent, the wicked queen.

In addition to “About Ray,” which hits theaters Sept. 15, Fanning has four more films in the works. None of the roles are kid’s stuff. Her movie “Trumbo,” is about blacklisting in the 1950s, one of Hollywood’s darkest eras.

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She’ll be a major screen presence going forward and an A-lister before she even graduates high school.

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