Robert Pattinson told a French magazine being identified as an American is the 'worst possible insult.'  Is he an ingrate, or what? (Photo: Getty)

Robert Pattinson told a French magazine being identified as an American is the ‘worst possible insult.’ Is he an ingrate, or what? (Photo: Getty)

Robert Pattinson, who made his name and a fortune in the United States, showed the ultimate disrespect for America. He told a French magazine that being mistaken for a Yank is the “worst possible insult.”

Pattinson obviously doesn’t know, or appreciate, history.

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The United States bailed out both Britain and France during World War II. Otherwise, Pattinson might be speaking German. If anything, he should be eternally grateful for the sacrifice the U.S. made during the war.

Pattinson also has the U.S. to thank for his fame and fortune.

He was plucked from obscurity to play a love-lorn vampire in the “Twilight” series. Not only did the films make him rich, but also gave him the freedom to be the uppity Brit he is today.

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What’s worse, he slammed the U.S. in a French magazine. The French media elite take great delight in needling America.

Pattinson was asked during an interview with Elle France what was the worst thing someone had said about him.

“It’s going to make you laugh, but as a Brit, to hear someone say I’m American is the worst insult! I am English! Let it be known once and for all!” he said.

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Pattinson actually splits his time between Los Angeles and London. Guess which one he finds a “pure delight.” You guessed it… London.

“They leave me alone,” he said. “It’s the same everywhere in Europe. The other day I was strolling around Paris, and nobody bothered me!”

On that score, Pattinson does have a point.

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In the U.S., paparazzi are far more numerous and have little regard for a celebrity’s privacy.

He explains:

At some point I became paranoid. I [didn’t go] out of my house in Los Angeles. It was hell. At the same time I was aware of the ridiculousness of the situation. It made no sense.

Pattinson’s latest movie “Life,” is about ’50s icon James Dean, who became a symbol of the emerging Beat Generation, before dying tragically in a car accident.

It hits theaters in Europe this month and will be shown in the U.S. at a later date. Hopefully he’ll still have some U.S. fans who are interested in seeing it.

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