Donald Trump got some issue-free airtime on the Tonight Show last night. Host Jimmy Fallon tossed nothing but hairballs. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Donald Trump got some issue-free airtime on the Tonight Show last night. Host Jimmy Fallon tossed nothing but hairballs. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Donald Trump has an infectious personality and bodacious hair, no doubt about that. But what about ideas? He gave a major interview on the “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” but when it comes to the issues he’s bald as a baby.

Of course, Trump got nothing but air balls from Fallon.

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It didn’t take Trump to remind the talk show comedian that he was a guest on the show. Jimmy did that himself. He said Trump could say anything he wanted.

How about this for a junior high school essay question? What does Sept. 11th mean to you?

Trump knocked it out of the park.

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The Donald waxed poetically about the nation’s “strength” and “resilience.” But Fallon glossed over the fact that the nation hasn’t had another significant terror attack in the 15 years since.

That includes the Obama administration, which incidentally,terminated Osama bin Laden.

Fallon also nailed the Donald on this pressing question: “What about Kanye West running for president in 2020?”

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Trump loves Kanye, well, because Kanye always says nice things about him, he said.

When asked about his popularity, Trump responded that people were “tired of being ripped off,” and like him because he’s “efficient.”

He also said he “built a great company” without any reference to his multiple bankruptcies, or the banks (read depositors) who lost tens of millions of dollars.

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His biggest promise is to make sure America becomes “rich and great again.” But how does he plan to do that?

He wants to cut taxes for corporations and slice government spending. The fact is, corporations are flush with cash. Many are buying back their own stock to bolster share prices in the weak economy, not making new investments.

Businesses only invest in new plant and equipment when there is growing demand for their products. Trump vows to engage in trade wars and raise tariffs on global trading partners. That doesn’t bode well for increasing demand.

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He hints that he will tax hedge fund managers to raise money. But if he does, just watch them skitter offshore, where most of their profits already reside.

His plan to build a wall on the Mexican border is as hair-brained as ever. No wall in history has ever been built that hasn’t been breached. It will become just another ineffective government boondoggle.

Of course, it’s only political rhetoric to talk about cutting government without identifying specific programs. Trump has yet to mention any.

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He has no shortage of buzz words, however. He says Americans want to be “respected again,” and are tired of being “scoffed” at, and want someone to make “great deals.” Details?

Perhaps the biggest issue of his campaign is his plan to send U.S. troops back to the Middle East to fight Muslim fanatics. Of course, Middle Eastern governments will pay the freight with their oil. But who will pay for the blood of U.S. soldiers?

The radical Islamists want nothing more than to draw U.S. troops into their fight. Nothing would radicalize Muslims more around the world than to fight a real holy war against the “Great Satin.”

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During a skit before the show, Fallon mocked himself for being a “lightweight.” He apparently wasn’t kidding.

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