Donald Trump got the South Park treatment on last night's episode and let's just say it didn't end well for The Donald.  (Photos: ScreenCaps)

Donald Trump got the South Park treatment on last night’s episode and let’s just say it didn’t end well for The Donald. (Photos: ScreenCaps)

Donald Trump has a future as the President of Canada on the latest episode of “South Park.” But it doesn’t end well for the vulgar GOP presidential candidate. He goes down “Deliverance” style in the oval office.

Trump has been widely derided for his outrageous remarks on immigration and he’s still surging in GOP polls.

But “South Park” delivers a stern warning about his candidacy.

“He just said outrageous things,” said a Canadian character who has fled to the United States.

“We thought it was funny. Nobody really thought he’d ever be president. It was a joke. But we just let the joke go on too long.”

“He kept gaining momentum and by the time we were all ready to say ‘Ok, let’s get serious now, who should really be elected president,’ he was being sworn into office.

We weren’t paying attention! We weren’t paying attention!”

As President of Canada, Trump is as imperious as ever. His response to everything, including “pussy homos” and the Prime Minister of China, is a flippant “Suck my balls.”

(editor’s note: China doesn’t have a prime minister. But you knew that, right?)

Finally, a U.S. citizen makes his was to Trump’s executive suite and demands to know “Where my country gone?”

The two get into an argument and let’s just say, in the end (literally) it doesn’t go well for “The Donald.”

But our Canadian expat seems to be happy. “Did you hear the good news? The Canadian president has been fucked to death!” he exclaims.


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