Selena Gomez is taking France by storm. She's the latest American actress and singer to be adopted as the country's new sex kitten in Grazia mag. (Photo: Grazia)

Selena Gomez is taking France by storm. She’s the latest American actress and singer to be adopted as the country’s new sex kitten in Grazia mag. (Photo: Grazia)

Selena Gomez has gone international. They love her in France! Selena is burning up pages in the latest issue of French magazine, Grazia. Move over Jerry Lewis and Kristen Stewart. Once the French love you, they’ll always love you.

Selena still may be trying to find her way as a singer and actress in the United States, but in France she’s been adopted as the nation’s latest sex kitten.

Selena Gomez Rock Star Sexy in Grazia
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The 23-year-old singer has all the trademark looks the French love, from her full, pouty lips to her large, dreamy eyes and luscious round curves. She’s a Latin personification of French treasure Brigitte Bardot.

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How could they not love her?

Gomez is riding a wave at the moment as she promotes her new album, Revival. A more apt title might be Survivor.

Selena’s had some rough sledding ever since she canceled the Southeast Asian leg of her tour in 2013. It included a stint in rehab for still unknown reasons. She also confirmed what had been widely reported at the time; she is suffering from lupus.

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In a new interview with Billboard, she also revealed that she’s received chemotherapy to treat the autoimmune disease. That raise eyebrows because it suggests her affliction is really serious or she’s (ahem) exaggerating. Either way, she’s getting the sympathy vote.

Selena has also had to deal with constant criticism for clinging to slag boyfriend Justin Bieber and an unwarranted amount of trolling after she gained weight over the summer.

The good news is, Selena is finally over Justin, her lupus is in remission and she looks better than ever. But she can rest assured, no matter what, the French will always love her.

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