Emilia Clarke, the British actress who set the world, not to mention herself, on fire as Daenerys Targaryen on HBO drama “Game of Thrones,” is Esquire magazine’s “Sexiest Woman Alive.” She was also named British GQ’s “Woman of the Year.” How hot is that?

The accolades solidify Clarke as one of the actresses in Hollywood, where she’s increasingly making inroads.

The 28-year-old actress was the female lead in this year’s “Terminator Genisys,” a sci-fi action film that showcased her considerable big-screen talents. She played Sarah Conor opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Clarke.

She’s also the lead actress in “Me Before You, an upcoming drama directed by Thea Sharrock. It co-stars Sam Claflin, Jenna Coleman, Charles Dance and Matthew Lewis.

Emilia is described as a “a pocket rocket,” in the magazine. She’s petite, “sexy, lively, and lots of fun.”

“But there’s a whole set of virtues that goes with the fun,” it adds. “There’s an attitude to life.”

Emilia said she’s wanted to act since she was three years old. Her father worked as a stage hand in local theater and knew the ropes, literally and figuratively.

He warned her it was a feast or famine business, with the emphasis on famine. Emilia is feasting right now.

Although her character has been a mainstay on the HBO show since it started, IM reported exclusively over the weekend that Khaleesi’s days may be numbered.

There was talk at New York Comic Con that her character may be exiting, if only because Clarke is getting inundated with film offers.

Season 5 certainly gave her an out.

Khaleesi had been taken to a remote desert by one of her dragons. It was wounded saving her from a Sons of the Harpy attack. Her fate was left up in the air after she was discovered by Dothraki warriors.

Clarke has the kind of smoldering looks that will serve her film career well, whether she plays a femme fatale or a plucky career girl.

Just check out her photos. Warning: hot to the touch.

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