Lamar Odom beat the odds and has been able to recover from a near fatal drug overdose, although he remains in critical condition and may need months of rehabilitation. Meanwhile, the circus has begun over the near-death incident.

Several reports suggest Lamar is improving steadily, but is not out of the woods yet and is still in intensive care.

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He faces months of rehab because his brain functions are likely to be impaired. His internal organs also suffered damage and may still be in danger of failing. Yet, he’s on the mend.

Odom was found unconscious in his VIP suite at the infamous Love Ranch South in Crystal, Nevada on Oct. 13.

He was rushed to the hospital, but it’s not known how long he went without oxygen. He’s been on life support in a coma since his arrival and his vital signs were life threatening.

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Now, he’s making so much progress, he may be able to leave his Las Vegas hospital and begin rehab at a facility in Los Angeles.

Now the media circus is beginning. Photos of Odom surfaced today in London’s Daily Mail, showing him passed out on the night before he was found unconscious and foaming at the mouth.

The 6-foot, 10-inch tall basketball player was pictured sprawled on the VIP room’s king-sized bed. A copy of Love Ranch owner Dennis Hof’s book “Pimp,” candles, baby oil and a sex toy can be seen on his bed stand.

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Another photo shows Odom slumped over in a chair, holding a bottle of water. The legs of the prostitute who likely took the close-up can be seen in the photo.

The London tabloid reported that it did not take the photos, which were taken by one of the two prostitutes that Odom hired.

The girls, who go by the names of Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe are both petite blondes who visited Odom as many as six times a day during his binge. Odom, dropped $79,000 for the service, according to Hof.

According to the latest reports, Odom OD’ed after injecting what’s known as a “speedball.” It’s a mixture of cocaine and heroin that is injected intravenously.

The potential for an overdose is high, especially if the person hasn’t developed a tolerance to the drugs. “Saturday Night Live” comedian John Belushi died in 1982 after injecting a lethal speedball.

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