Katy Perry fired up a rally for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Des Moines, Iowa yesterday. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Katy Perry fired up a rally for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Des Moines, Iowa yesterday. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Katy Perry made it clear who she’s supporting for President with a high-energy performance at a Hillary Clinton rally in Des Moines, Iowa, a key early primary state. in addition to performing, she made an impassioned endorsement.

Perry is one of almost two dozen high-profile celebrities who are backing Clinton’s 2016 campaign for president.

Hillary needs all the support she can get. She’s facing a tough Democratic primary race from former Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. His populist views are attracting widespread attention.

Clinton, however, is still considered the front-runner. She drew about 4,000 supporters at the rally, according to press reports.

Celebrities Who Are Supporting Hillary Clinton for President
Uzo Aduba: The actress from Netflix’s hit “Orange is the New Black” tweeted her support for Clinton.

Clay Aiken: Confirmed his support for Clinton on Twitter after initially rebuking her.

Jon Bon Jovi: Held a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton.

Kat Dennings: The “2 Broke Girls” actress tweeted “Hillary” after Clinton’s announcement.

Lena Dunham: The “Girls” creator and posted a photo on Instagram showing Clinton reading her BlackBerry. “This is Hillary reading a text from me that says, ‘With you every step of the way, gurl’ #mypresident,” she wrote in the caption.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: The “Modern Family” star wrote, “I have an announcement: I’m not running for president. Yay #Hillary2016!”

America Ferrera: The former “Ugly Betty” star campaigned for Clinton in 2008 and is backing her again.

Ellie Goulding: The singer tweeted “Hillary” after Clinton announced her bid. WTF? She’s British!

Ariana Grande: The pop star tweeted “yaaas @hillaryclinton” after Clinton’s announcement.

Carole King: The Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter kept it short, saying “I’m in,” posting a link to Clinton’s announcement tweet.

Diane Kruger: The German-born actress recently became a U.S. citizen. “Please America, make her President!” she wrote on Twitter.

Padma Lakshmi: The “Top Chef” host tweeted art of Clinton as Rosie the Riveter in the classic “We can do it!” image. “Oh yes, it will finally happen. #Hillary2016,” she added.

Jennifer Lopez: “I’m very excited by the news. I think it’s time for a woman,” the actress and singer told E! about Clinton at the MTV Movie Awards.

Amy Poehler: The “Parks and Recreation” star posted a gif of her and Clinton from her “Saturday Night Live” on Twitter. “Let’s do this. #Hillary2016 @HillaryClinton,” she wrote.

Kerry Washington: “I’m very thrilled. I’m excited for her, and I’m sure I’ll be hitting the stump trail,” the “Scandal” star said in an interview.

Olivia Wilde: Clinton’s position on health care reform and women’s rights won her vote, she told The Daily Beast.

Jeffrey Wright: “The Hunger Games” and “Boardwalk Empire” star shared Clinton’s announcement video on Twitter.

— Source: The Hill

In the first televised primary debate, Clinton debuted a calm, confident demeanor, apparently taking a page out of husband Bill Clinton’s playbook. He was elected president twice in the 1990s.

Bill introduced his wife and Perry in a 15 minute speech.

“The American people in the last six weeks have learned a lot about Hillary, what she’s for and what kind of president she’ll be,” he said noting her new style.

As for himself, Bill joked: “I’m tired of the stranglehold women have had on the job of presidential spouse, and I want you to help me deal with that.”

Introducing Perry, Bill noted his new role. “I’ve never been the warm-up act for Katy Perry before, but I am well aware that I am the warm-up act,” he told the crowd.

An animal rights activist briefly heckled the former president, calling out in a barely audible voice from the back of the crowd before being shouted down by chants of “Hillary, Hillary!”

Perry had this to say about the candidate: “I stand and I march for Hillary. I believe in her future, her vision, her policies. I believe in equal rights for men, women, pay…” she said.

The singer looked like Lady Liberty in a flowing white, strapless gown and an American flag headdress. She wore a red “H” on her left breast.

In addition to “Roar,” a campaign theme song, Perry’s set included “Wide Awake,” “America the Beautiful” and “Firework.”

“You ready for a better future?” she yelled out during a break in her performance. “All the way back home you are going to hear us roar to 2016 and beyond.”

“She is my firework,” Perry said.

Hillary displayed the same jocular style addressing the crowd.

“Sometimes it’s important — you just have to roar about what you need to fight for,” Clinton said after embracing Perry in a warm hug.

The rally was held outside the hall where the party faithful were gathering for the annual Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner and celebration.

Iowa Democrats will hold caucuses in February to choose a presidential candidate. Up for grabs in the presidential election are six electoral college votes.

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