Justin Bieber was spotted outside Kendall Jenner's birthday party with a new bad habit. He was smoking a cigarette.  (Photo: ScreenCap)

Justin Bieber was spotted outside Kendall Jenner’s birthday party with a new bad habit. He was smoking a cigarette. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Justin Bieber made the scene at Kendall Jenner’s 20th birthday party in Los Angeles Monday night (Nov. 1), wearing a green jacket with the word “Gangsters” on back. Is he posing again? He was also spotted with another bad habit.

The pop star’s green “Gangsters” wind breaker sparked questions. “Are you a gangster?” one photog shouted.

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“I’m the farthest thing from a gangster,” Bieber shouted back, laughing, as he walked into The Nice Guy restaurant where Kendall was waiting.

Later, however, Justin was also spotted outside lighting up a cigarette. It’s unknown how long he’s been smoking. He’s rarely, if ever, been seen in public with a butt. But he’s known to smoke marijuana.

Who knows? He may have picked up the habit from Selena Gomez, who started smoking after filming her 2013 movie “Spring Breakers.” She’s alarmed friends since for chain smoking.

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More likely, Biebs just picked up the habit, because, you know, it’s a cool Gangsta’ thing to do.

Ironically, Justin posted a photo on Instagram a year ago in March with a cigarette in his mouth, He was emulating a famous photo of actor James Dean.

His fans were so upset, his management immediately let it be known that Justin didn’t smoke. But times obviously change.

The 21-year-old singer has been struggling with his image ever since his 18-month spree of loutish behavior and string of arrests.

Despite turning over a new leaf, however, Bieber threw a highly unprofessional tantrum last week during a show being taped for television in Norway.

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The singer blew his cool with rowdy fans in the front row.

“Stop it! Come on, I said stop it! Never mind, I’m done… I’m not doing the show,” he bellowed, before walking off stage. A video of the incident immediately went viral.

He later apologized for the incident and appeared in good spirits Monday night, according to X17online paps who were there.

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He started atoning for acting out earlier this year. He apologized on Ellen and also released an apology video on YouTube.

He was released from probation last week from his misdemeanor conviction for egging his neighbor’s house in January a year ago.

That followed incidents of speeding through the residential community in his Ferrari and spitting on his neighbor.

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To prove his career is still on track, Justin fired off three hit singles. His latest, “What Do You Mean?”, was his first-ever No. 1 chart topper.

The real test will come Nov. 13, when he releases Purpose, only his third studio album. He’s promising a more mature sound that will appeal to adult listeners.

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