Jennifer Lopez plays a good cop gone bad in a new trailer for the NBC series 'Shades of Blue.' (Photo: UsMagazine)

Jennifer Lopez plays a good cop gone bad in a new trailer for the NBC series ‘Shades of Blue.’ (Photo: UsMagazine)

Jennifer Lopez is a bad cop with a hot bod in a new trailer for her upcoming NBC series “Shades of Blue.” She plays a corrupt police detective. She not only has the goods, she also gets the goods, until she’s busted by the FBI.

The show is Lopez’s first foray into a network television series and she’s also executive producing the drama.

Her character is a cop named Harlee Santos who faces a host of ethical dilemmas as she goes about her business. The over-riding question is does the end justify the means?

In one scene in the trailer, she’s on a call with partner Michael Loman (Dayo Okeniyi). They bust into a New York City apartment in response to a report about gunfire.

Loman starts blasting and ends up killing a guy who is simply playing a loud video game.

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Santos takes over and engineers a covers up. It’s a drug dealer’s pad and he has a gun, so all in a day’s work.

“I’ll protect you, but you’ve got to trust me,” she says, before putting a slug in his bullet-proof vest. “The truth is in the paperwork,” she reminds him. Yes, it seems, she’s very dirty.

You guessed it, there will be plenty of cheesecake in the series. Lopez is shown next, scantily clothed, working out in a gym. She’s one tough cookie…

Santos has learned all the tricks of the trade from her boss Lt. Bill Wozniak, played by tough-guy actor Ray Liotta, who looks powerful in the clip.

You have to ask: What’s he doing in a show like this? Turns out not much; looks like he’s making a guest appearance.

In the next scene, she’s popped by the FBI for taking a bribe and enlisted by the feds to work undercover taking down other corrupt cops, including her mentor/boss.

Wozniak is wise enough to know something is up. “There’s a rat, an FBI informant on my team,” he tells Santos. But apparently he isn’t smart enough to figure out she’s wearing a wire. Yikes!

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