Emma Watson displays a new character with shadowy Gothic Allure in Vogue Italia (Photo: Vogue Italia)

Emma Watson displays a new character with shadowy Gothic Allure in Vogue Italia (Photo by Vincent Peters for Vogue Italia)

Emma Watson is increasingly leaving her straight-laced Harry Potter academic look behind. She’s building on her growing fashion cred with a new sexually charged photo spread in Vogue Italia. Emma rocks a dark, alluring Gothic look in shadowy black-and-white photos.

Watson, 25, has taken a keen interest in fashion. It’s helped bring her out of her shell and helped her mature into adulthood.

She’s also shaking off her Hermione Granger image from the Potter movies. She played the overachieving, fashion-challenged character for 10 years and was dangerously close to being typecast forever.

Emma Watson Dark, Smoldering in Vogue Italia (Click Photos to Enlarge!)

“When I see the images of the first [Harry Potter], “I immediately think to what bad hair I had,” she told the magazine.

She acknowledges that she was a lot like Hermione growing up. “At school I always sat in the front row, and when there were questions I always raised my hand. I admit, I was a little ‘nerd,'” she says.

But since the final movie played in 2011, she’s showed her range by taking on increasingly daring roles. But more than anything, she’s expressed her growing maturity and sexuality through fashion.

In her Vogue photo spread, the actress models chiffon, lace and sheer gowns, with a decided Gothic edge. The shoot even looked like it took place in a castle. Her hair is a dark brunette.

Watson has also been making inroads as an advocate for women’s rights. She serves as an honorary UN Ambassador for Women.

In her next film, she works with Director Alejandro Amenábar in psychological thriller “Regression.” Emma plays the daughter of a man (Ethan Hawke). She claims to have been horrifically abused by Satanists, but her father can’t recall the incidents.

The film delves into ritual abuse, Satanism and other deep psychological themes. It screened at the San Sebastián International Film Festival in September and is scheduled for release in February.

Come to think of it, the last two “Harry Potter” films where pretty dark and intense. So, maybe Emma has a flair for those roles. She pulls off her photo spread with stunning success.

But it’s hard to expect any less from the British actress.

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