asian woman silenced for saying blacks can be racist

A protester at Claremont McKenna College interrupted an Asian student who said people should stop judging each other by their colors, saying everyone (including black people) can be racist. (Photo: YouTube)

Protesters in a “safe space” at Claremont McKenna College in California booed and tried to silence an Asian student who detailed a racist encounter with an African-American man and said, “black people can be racist.”

The 20-year-old Asian woman (whose name is unknown) recounted in broken English how she came to the United States five years ago and experienced racism from all sides.

“I came to this country five years ago when I was 15, alone, through a boarding school in Pennsylvania,” said the student.

“And all I heard was, ‘If you don’t speak good English, go home.’ ‘I don’t date Asians,’ and ‘I’d like to have sex with a girl from all the continents and that’s why I want to date you.’”

The young woman then recalled a time when a black man driving by in a car yelled out, “Go back home!” as she walked down a street. The young woman said a “white lady” stopped and asked if she needed help.

The student said she discussed the incident to point out that not all whites are racist, and that people should stop judging each other by the color of their skin. “The point I’m making here is that we should not distinguish people by their race or gender or anything,” said the young lady. “Black people can be racist.”

At that moment, a young black student approached the Asian student to try to get her to stop talking. A few students in the “safe space” then said, “Let her finish.”

The Asian woman concluded by saying, “I just mean we have to look at people individually. Look at the heart. The action, not the race.”

The protest at Claremont McKenna College followed weeks of protests at the University of Missouri, where students pressured Mizzou president Tim Wolfe and chancellor R. Bowen Loftin to resign for failure to respond adequately to three incidents where black students were allegedly called the N-word.

In another stunning turn of events, Mary Spellman, dean of students at Claremont McKenna, was forced to resign Nov. 12 after a benign email reply that some students claimed was offensive.

A Latina student had described her discomfort at Claremont as a low-income student. In an email response (see below), Spellman pledged to help her and other students who don’t “fit the CMC mold.”

Minority students protested Spellman’s response as insensitive and pressured her to resign even after she apologized. Two students even went on a hunger strike until Spellman was fired.

mary spellman email

College campuses across the country are staging similar protests and are demanding the firing of top administrators and the creation of racially segregated “safe spaces” where students can go to “heal.”

Ironically, civil rights activists in the 1950’s had fought against real systemic racism to ensure blacks would not be segregated in schools (Brown v. Board of Education, Supreme Court, 1954).

Billionaire Donald Trump and neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson have condemned the protests, saying students are being coddled by university administrators who are allowing anarchy to reign.

Trump called Mizzou’s former president Tim Wolfe a wimp for resigning, saying he’s “weak and ineffective.”

“The two people that resigned are weak, ineffective people,” said Trump, who detailed the wussification of America in Crippled America. “When they resigned, they set something in motion that’s going to be a disaster for a long period of time.”

mizzou death threat

Similarly, Dr. Ben Carson, a self-made millionaire who grew up dirt-poor, said caving in to student demands simply because they whine is a “dangerous trend.”

“We’re being a little too tolerant, accepting infantile behavior,” said Dr. Carson, who chronicled his rags-to-riches story in A More Perfect Union.

Dr. Carson is concerned that student protesters are being babied, which will lead to them growing into irresponsible, immature adults incapable of handling any of life’s real pressures.

“The officials at these places must recognize that and have the moral courage to stand up to it, because if they don’t, it will grow,” said Dr. Carson. “It will exacerbate the situation and we will move much further to anarchy than anybody can imagine.”

mizzou paris

Ironically, racial tensions across the United States have deteriorated under Barack Obama, the nation’s first African-American president.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens at the University of Missouri, which just named Michael Middleton (a black former civil rights attorney) interim president. Mizzou’s student-body president and vice president are also black, even though 80% of the student body is white.

On Nov. 11, Payton Head (student body president) sent a chilling Facebook message warning of a “confirmed” KKK presence on campus. He later apologized after his fake KKK alarm was debunked.

mizzou false kkk alarm

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