Donald Trump blasted GOP political rival Ben Carson, comparing him to a child molester.

Donald Trump blasted GOP political rival Ben Carson, comparing him to a child molester.

Donald Trump slapped Republican presidential rival Ben Carson in one of his most venomous campaign attacks yet, comparing him to a pathological child molester. Carson’s response? “Pray for him.”

Trump went on the offensive during a speech in Iowa yesterday (Nov 12) in an apparent effort to put distance between himself and his leading rival.

While Trump is currently ahead in Iowa polls leading up to the GOP’s first caucus, Carson has been steadily gaining, despite a raft of questions about his views, his veracity and his mental health.

Trump zeroed in on the latter in an address to supporters.

The Donald came off like a truck-driver screaming in stalled New Jersey traffic. He used Carson’s own words, from his book “Gifted Hands” against him.

“Carson’s an enigma. He wrote a book, and he’s doing great in Iowa. He’s second in the polls. With all these professional politicians, I’m first, Carson’s second, and I don’t understand it, I really don’t understand it. Because he wrote a book and in the book he said terrible things about himself. He said that he’s pathological and that he’s got basically pathological disease. Now he wrote this, I guess before he was running for office or thought that he was running for office, and I don’t want a person that’s got pathological disease. I don’t want it.”

Carson says in the book that he was troubled as a youth. An uncontrollable temper caused him attack friends and family members, including his mother. But the claims are just a prologue to the real story: he turned himself around through Christ.

Trump conveniently brushed off the turnaround part. Instead, he focused on Carson’s own description of himself. He said he was “pathological.”

To Trump that meant:

“If you’re pathological there’s no cure for that folks. And I did one of the shows today, and I don’t to say what I said but I’ll tell you anyway. I said that if you’re a child molester, a sick puppy, you’re a child molester, there’s no cure for that. There’s only one cure, we don’t to talk about that cure. That’s the ultimate cure. No there’s two, there’s death and there’s the other thing. But if you’re a child molester there’s no cure, they can’t stop you. Pathological, there’s no cure. Now he said he was pathological, okay.”

Carson’s book has been the source of a number of embarrassing revelations. Several anecdotes cited by in the autobiography have subsequently proved to be untrue. Trump zeroed in on that, as well.

In one questionable incident, Carson claimed he tried to stab a friend with a knife, but the knife struck the friend’s belt buckle instead and he was uninjured.

Trump blasted away:

“Now here’s the beauty of all; he took a knife and he went after a friend and he lunged; he lunged that knife into the stomach of his friends. But low and behold it hit the belt, it hit the belt, and the knife broke. Give me a break, give me a break, give me a break.”

Iowa is considered a key primary state because it is the first real test of party sentiment.

In all, Trump devoted nine minutes of his speech to Carson. Check out the video below, let us know your thoughts and be sure to follow IM on Twitter for the latest political news.