Selena Gomez flops into bed in her bra and panties to listen to music in a new teaser for her upcoming 'Hands to Myself' video (Photo: ScreenCap)

Selena Gomez flops into bed in her bra and panties to listen to music in a new teaser for her upcoming ‘Hands to Myself’ video (Photo: ScreenCap)

Selena Gomez showed off more of her new, sexually charged persona in a new teaser for her upcoming “Hands to Myself” music video. She spends most of the 30-second clip undressing down to her bra and panties and hits the mattress to listen to music… until the cops arrive!

The 23-year-old singer has been remaking her image since last year in a bid to put her squeaky clean Disney image behind her.

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She released the video this morning (Dec. 7) on Twitter. IM has it below.

“Catch the sneak peak of my #HandsToMyself video featuring the #NewBeatsPill!” she wrote.

The spot, is actually a commercial for the new Beats Pill portable music player from Apple’s iTunes. Whether it will air on television is anyone’s guess. Selena is way too hot.

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The video opens with her walking into her house wearing a black coat. She takes it off to reveal she’s wearing nothing but a black bra and panties underneath. But Selena doesn’t go to far. After all, this is a commerical.

The panties are high-waist and cover her bottom and her belly button. Still, there’s no denying Selena’s new found sexuality.


She heads upstairs to the bedroom, where she turns on the Pill and does a spread eagle on the bed.

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But it’s not all sensual fun and games. In the closing scene, two police cars race up to her house with red lights flashing.

Gomez released her latest album Revivial, in October and promptly soared to No. 1 on album charts.

She appear performing the song at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on tomorrow (Dec. 8) on CBS.

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She performed the song at last month’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show taping, which fans will get to see broadcast on Tuesday.

Check out the new video below. Let us know your thoughts. Is Selena taking her career in the right direction? And be sure to follow IM on Twitter.