Kristen Stewart says she's trying to live her life as honestly and authentically as possible in a new interview. (Photo: Diva)

Kristen Stewart says she’s trying to live her life as honestly and authentically as possible in a new interview. (Photo: Diva)

Kristen Stewart has been through more tabloid drama than even the biggest Hollywood stars in her short career, but she finally feels like she’s in charge of her life and has learned how to be happy in the years since “Twilight,” she says in a new interview.

Amid the unending tabloid hype surrounding the “Twilight” film series and her relationship with Robert Pattinson, Stewart made a fateful decision.

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“I made a conscious decision to avoid blockbusters and choose smaller projects that might attract less attention and not be very, but are going to satisfy me artistically,” she say’s in a new interview in UK magazine Diva, which is devoted to gay and lesbian affairs.

“My only real plan is to do interesting work, which I hope will help me evolve as an individual and lead to more interesting work,” she adds.

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That explains much about Stewart’s career trajectory following the end of the “Twilight” series. The closest she’s come to a blockbuster since then has been Disney’s “Snow White and the Huntsman.”

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The picture didn’t end well for her.

She fell for Director Rupert Sanders during filming. Their relationship was out in a tabloid scandal.

Sanders was caught park by a photographer caressing her breast in a public. The cheating scandal caused a bitter end to her four-year relationship with Pattinson. Sanders marriage ended in divorce.

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The tabloids still try to milk Pattinson and Stewart for pageviews with an unending steam of fake stories, even though both actors clearly have moved on.


Stewart was rumored for a time to be in a relationship with her personal assistant, Alicia Cargile. The rumors, however, were never substantiated. Pattinson is happily engaged to UK singer and performance artist FKA Twigs.

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Yet Stewart has bounced back, not only on the big screen, but also in fashion. She’s a muse for Chanel chief designer Karl Lagerfeld, and reps for the brand.

In her latest film, “Equals,” with Nicholas Hoult, is science fiction romantic drama film written by Nathan Parker and directed by Drake Doremus.

They play lovers living in a utopian society that has outlawed all human emotion. They go on the run when they become infected with the same disease.

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“It was scary in a lot of ways,” she says about shooting the film. “Nicholas and I would spend a lot of time just talking to each other and not showing emotion. We play people who are drawn to each other and fall in love with each other even though it’s considered taboo behavior.”

“When it comes to my work, I don’t do any film unless I’m completely committed to the story and the character I’m playing.”

Stewart says acting as well as the people around her have helped her learn more about who she is.

She adds:

“I’m a lot happier and feeling really good. I feel I can be myself more and not allow myself to get sidetracked by other considerations or advice from people. Early in my career, I had too many people telling me what I should and shouldn’t do, and it was hard for me to deal with that… When your career reaches a certain level, there are so many responsibilities that come with that and sometimes you feel like your life is not your own anymore. That’s why I decided to change a lot of things about how I was working and try to be true to myself.”

Stewart says she was lucky to learn what she wanted early in life.

“Some people never figure that out, but I think I’ve been able to make sense of what I want to accomplish and how I want to live. The most important thing is to be happy,” she explains.

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“I like to believe I’m living as honestly and as authentically as possible.”

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