Kristen Stewart's latest picture 'Anesthesia' is heading straight to video, marking her third dud this year out of three films. Time for a reality check? (Photo: Diva)

Kristen Stewart’s latest picture ‘Anesthesia’ is heading straight to video, marking her third dud this year out of three films. Time for a reality check? (Photo: Diva)

Kristen Stewart says she uses her gut to pick film roles, but her latest picture “Anesthesia,” is heading straight to video. Her two other 2015 films, “Equals,” and “American Ultra,” have been roundly panned. Can her career endure many more bombs?

A new trailer for “Anesthesia” was released today (Dec. 10). The weepy tale is so depressing no wonder it’s being held for release until after the holiday season.

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Stewart plays Sophie, a self-destructive student who is struggling with depression. She feels alone and isolated in an uncaring world.

Sam Waterston plays her popular Columbia University philosophy professor. He’s accosted on the street and stabbed in violent attack, setting the wheels in motion for the story.

Hidden connections are revealed between a seemingly disparate group of people. A hard-drinking suburban housewife played by Gretchen Mol and a desperate junkie played by K. Todd Freeman form “a complex, engrossing mosaic of lost souls united by tragedy,” according to the film synopsis.

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The film, written and directed by Tim Blake Nelson, also includes Glenn Close and Michael K. Williams.

The movie was screened at the Tribeca Film Festival in April and lightly reviewed. So far opinions are mixed.


Guy Lodge of trade rag Variety, panned the picture. “Tim Blake Nelson’s latest directorial effort is a heartfelt but heavy-handed essay on human interaction and isolation,” he wrote.

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Other critics are on the fence.

“The good news is that all of the individual scenes, even the ones that resemble a play being workshopped right there on the screen, have sharp writing, good performances and are interesting in and of themselves, wrote Jordan Hoffman, in the UK Guardian.

But he adds: “In the end, some of the connections reveal themselves to be truly random. In a movie that pontificates so earnestly about the importance of truth, this gimmick feels rather false.”

The film is scheduled for a limited release on video on demand, Jan. 8.

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Kristen’s latest film, “Equals,” with Nicholas Hoult, is science fiction romantic drama written by Nathan Parker and directed by Drake Doremus.

Stewart and Hoult play lovers in a Utopian society that has outlawed all human emotion. They go on the run when they become infected with the same disease and fall in love.

It screened at the 72nd Venice International Film Festival and was mostly panned by the critics who saw it. The film received a 40 rating on rottentomatoes, which tracks reviews.

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“Feels cobbled together from George Orwell, ‘THX-1138,’ ‘The Giver,’ perfume commercials and the Apple Store. Heck, before this thing’s over, Parker even steals one of Shakespeare’s better-known end-of-Act-II plot twists,” wrote Alonso Duralde for TheWrap.

Trade rags Variety and The Hollywood reporter were split on the film. They gave a thumbs up and down, respectively.

So far “Equals” doesn’t have a release date.

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Her other film this year, “American Ultra,” with Jesse Eisenberg, was also mostly panned critics and bombed at the box office. It received a 44 rating on rottentomatoes.

On the upside, Stewart has mostly dodged any direct criticism of her acting. In the instances where she’s mentioned, the comments are generally positive.

Fortunately, she has solid 2014 films to fall back on. “Camp X-Ray,” “Still Alice” and “Clouds of Sils Maria” were all critically acclaimed.

But after following up with three straight bombs, she may need to re-examine her gut instincts for picking projects.

Check out the “Anesthesia” trailer below and let us know your thoughts. Be sure to follow IM on Twitter for the latest movie news.