Steve Harvey looks sheepishly contrite as he announces his goof at the Miss Universe Pageant.

Steve Harvey looks sheepishly contrite as he announces his goof at the Miss Universe Pageant.

Steve Harvey, the normally smooth and seasoned talk show host, got caught up in the excitement of the Miss Universe contest last night, and announced the wrong winner! D’oh! Amid profuse apologies, he revealed that he simply read the wrong name on the card.

For about three minutes, Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez was Miss Universe thanks to Harvey’s goof.

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But someone apparently signaled him. He took another look at the card in his hand. Oops! The card was right, he simply read it wrong. The real winner was Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.

“I will take responsibility. It was my mistake,” he said while the show was still airing. “Please don’t hold it against the ladies,” he added.

The ladies? What about him?

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If it’s any consolation, the show aired live, leaving Harvey little margin for error. Still, it seems like someone should have briefed him in advance to avoid mistakes.

“I have the final results here in my hand,” Harvey said moments before going nuclear. On stage were Miss Philippines, Miss Colombia and Miss USA, who was second runner-up. Harvey got that one right.


Two finalists were left on stage. “One of you is about to become Miss Universe,” Harvey bellowed.

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Then he did it. “Miss Universe 2015 is…. Columbia,” he announced. Do’oh!

It’s hard to believe producers let the show’s penultimate moment hinge on one person.

Gutierrez waved triumphantly, received the Miss Universe sash, a massive bouquet of flowers and was even crowned before Harvey and the producers, realized his goof.

And then, Steve stepped in. “Ok, folks,” he began.

It was a Miss Universe to remember.

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