Selena Gomez lived up to the hype of her video teasers for her latest song “Hands to Myself.” She released the full video today (Dec. 21) and it’s a saucy Christmas present for her fans.

Gomez has been remaking her image ever since taking over her own career. She’s become a sultry siren and her latest video is her coming out party. And we mean out.

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In another twist, Selena plays a stalker in the video who breaks into a very up-scale house occupied by hunky model Christopher Mason. You may recall, an earlier teaser clip ends with police racing up to the house, lights flashing. They’re there for Selena!

She’s not only a naughty girl, she’s a criminal!

That provides the back story for the five sexiest moments in the video. So without further adieu, here are our picks.

5. The first scene comes 30 seconds into the clip. Selena model walks down a hallway and provocatively unbuttons her dress, slips it off her shoulders and flings it to the side. There’s something overtly sexy about a woman in a black bra, high-waist black panties and black high-heels.

4. In another scene 14 seconds later, Selena throws herself down on the bed and stars caressing her shoulders. She caresses her face, her her neck, her body. She’s obviously fantasizing, making us all voyeurs.

3. Selena keeps it coming. At about a minute in, she walks into a closet and starts fingering shirts and suit jackets. She puts on a shirt and starts dancing in front of a mirror. There’s something definitely sexy about a woman wearing a man’s shirt.

2. Selena’s fantasizing takes on another dimension at about 1:40 when Mason appears in her fantasy. They engage in some hot and heavy PDA. She guides his hand over her body.

1. The sexiest scene of all comes at 3:26 in the video. You’ll have to check it out below to see what it is.

“Hands To Myself” is the third single from Gomez’s new album Revival, released in October.

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Warning! Product Placements: Apple’s new Beats Pill iPhone stereo makes a cameo appearance during Selena’s bedside romping. BMW motorcycles also get a plug during a scene when the camera zooms in on the distinctive BMW logo.