Craig Strickland and wife  Helen posed for this photo, which Helen

Craig Strickland and wife Helen posed for this photo, which Helen posted on Twitter.

Craig Strickland, the country singer best known as front man for the country rock band Backroad Anthem, was found dead today (Jan. 4) after he’d gone missing last week during a duck hunt on Kaw Lake in Oklahoma. The body of hunting buddy Chase Morland was found last Monday.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol confirmed this afternoon that Strickland’s body was found in the general search area initially targeted by rescue squads.

The two friends were last seen over the weekend before departing on their duck-hunting trip, which may have been star-crossed from the outset.

Morland hinted at the riskiness of the trip in a jesty Tweet before departing. “In case we don’t come back, @BackroadCRAIG and I are going right through Winter Storm Goliath to kill ducks in Oklahoma. #IntoTheStorm,” he wrote.

Their boat was found on Sunday (Dec. 27) capsized about a day after Morland’s body was found in Bear Creek Cove, according to local reports.

When Strickland’s Black Lab, Sam, who was on the hunting trip, turned up alive, there was some hope Strickland may have survived as well. Labs are usually strong swimmers.


But neither Strickland nor Morland were wearing life vests, according to police.

Wife Helen Strickland informed fans of the latest development in a heart-tugging Tweet. “Craig was found today. He is safe with his Father in Heaven. Thank you Lord for leading us to him today. I will praise you, Amen.”

More than a dozen people were killed by Winter Storm Goliath over several days as it slashed across the country from the West Coast through the Plains and into New England, according to the Weather Channel.

Three storm-related deaths were reported in Oklahoma, including Morland. There were also 104 storm-related injuries, according to The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management.

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