Robert Pattinson’s new gritty Dior cologne ad, shot in black-and-white on the streets of New York City, was released today. The “Twilight” actor’s images capture the essence of famed ’50s actor James Dean, who is the subject of Pattinson’s latest movie “Life.”

IM broke the news about the pending video yesterday and published the first screen caps from the clip.

Pattinson, 29, recently starred in “Life,” a movie about Dean and his encounter with Life magazine photographer Dennis Stock.

Pattinson played Stock and actor Dane DeHaan played Dean, in what some critics thought was a case of miscasting.

Stock photographed Dean in New York City and elsewhere in 1955 for a magazine feature. The haunting images came to symbolize the Beat Generation’s youthful alienation and Dean’s own rise to stardom and tragic life.

Pattinson, perhaps more than any other actor in a generation, exudes the same magnetism as Dean. The ’50s actor only starred in three movies, “East of Eden,” “Rebel Without a Cause” and “Giant,” before his death a car crash at 24. All are considered classics.

German director Peter Lindbergh, who is known for his stunning black-and-white cinematic photography, must have had Dean and his Life magazine photos in mind when he shot the commercial.

The song “All I Need” by L’Orange & Jeremiah Jae provides the backdrop as Pattinson is photographed in various Manhattan cityscapes.

Quotes “Life is short,” Break the rules,” “Never regret anything,” and “Live as if you will die today” are superimposed in shots on various buildings.

The ad, titled “Intense City,” is Pattinson’s second for Dior Homme Eau For Men.

His first video campaign was launched in 2013. It also featured French actress and model Camille Rowe in a series of clips.

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