Justin Bieber is still an ass. He was kicked out of an ancient Mexican archaeological site yesterday (Jan. 7) for more loutish behavior. He pulled down his pants and tried to climb an ancient ruin that is off limits tourists, causing a confrontation that led to his ouster.

Bieber apologized profusely and promised to clean up his act last year after an 18-month string of arrests and incidents of loutish behavior.

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But apparently he can’t stop acting out or showing off in front of new girlfriend Hailey Baldwin. She is vacationing with him in Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

Bieber also subjected his old girlfriend Selena Gomez to embarrassing incidents involving abusive behavior.

This time, the incident unfolded at Tulum, ancient Mayan ruins managed by Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH). Officially, the organization said Bieber was asked to leave for “doing outrages.”

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Bieber was initially stopped at the park’s entrance because he was carrying an open beer can, according to Mexico’s La Razon newspaper.

He and four companions were allowed to enter the park after he agreed to discard the drink. But at the first attraction, Bieber pulled down his underwear and tried to climb on the ruin for a photograph.

In the process, he “ignored the signs and decided to climb onto platforms and restricted areas,” reported Sipse, a multi-media Mexican news service.

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The areas are roped off to avoid damage to the ancient and in most cases fragile ruins.

When guards asked him to leave the site, Bieber became abusive, according to the report. He allegedly “threatened and insulted authorities.”

Bieber’s security was also surly to other tourists.

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A shouting and shoving match allegedly ensued with Bieber’s security. Staffers reported that Bieber appeared intoxicated. Federal police were called to the scene, but Bieber was gone by the time they arrived, according to Sipse.

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