El Chapo, the Mexican drug lord and self-proclaimed king of heroin, meth, cocaine and pot dealing, did not go down quietly when Mexican soldiers swept into his hideout. A bloody gun battle ensued, much of which was captured on camera by the troops.

El Chapo, real name Joaquín Guzmán Loera was captured a few hours later outside the compound. He’d been hiding in a sewer.

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The video aired yesterday (Jan. 10) on Televisa, a Mexican television channel and was posted on YouTube.

It shows the heavily armed, camouflaged troops in helmets barging into the main house and shooting it out with Guzmán’s henchmen. At least five were killed, according to news reports.

The bodies of two El Chapo body guards can be spotted in the video. A third is on his hands and knees with his hands in the air. At least two other men were captured as well.

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Just before the firefight, El Chapo, 58, reported slipped out of the house with his top lieutenant, ‘El Cholo’ Ivan. They ducked down a tunnel that led to a storm sewer. He spent hours hiding underground while his thugs tried to hold off the advancing soldiers.

Heavy rains forced Guzman to the surface. He was spotted climbing out of a manhole at a gas station a mile away. He reportedly stole a car at gunpoint, before authorities caught up with him, according to Mexican news reports.

“My holidays are over,” Guzman said when he was finally caught, Televisa reported.

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He escaped from maximum security Altiplano Prison in central Mexico in July through an elaborately constructed tunnel. It included rail tracks and a specially modified motorcycle to run on them.

Mexican authorities are still trying to speak with actor Sean Penn, who interviewed El Chapo in October for an article published in Rolling Stone magazine.

He’s been widely criticized by journalists for violating canons of ethics. Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, 43, who knows the drug dealer, set up the meetings.

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WARNING: Video is graphic.