Sarah Palin claimed she didn't blame President Obama for contributing to PTSD, but said he showed a disrespect for the military. (Photo: Brian Goodwin/NBC)

Sarah Palin claimed she didn’t blame President Obama for contributing to PTSD, but said he showed a disrespect for the military. (Photo: Brian Goodwin/NBC)

Sarah Palin became defensive on the “Today” show this morning and claimed “promises were broken” after Savannah Guthrie ask her about comments she made that President Obama bares some of the blame for her son’s post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Palin, who appeared on the show principally to talk about her endorsement of Donald Trump, said she was “promised” no questions would be asked about her family.

That’s after she was the one who initially interjected her son Track, into the political debate by blaming Obama for contributing to Track’s PTSD. Palin made the comments at a Trump political rally on Jan. 19.

Track was arrested Jan. 18 for battering his girlfriend and waving around an AR-15 assault rifle in a domestic dispute at Palin’s Alaska home, according to news reports.

She brought up Track without prompting. “I can talk personally about this, I guess it’s kind of the elephant in the room,” she said.

She added:

“It’s a shame that our military personnel even have to wonder, if they have to question, if they’re respected anymore. It starts from the top. The question though that comes from our own president where they have to look at him and wonder, do you know what we go through? Do you know what we’re trying to do to secure America and to secure the freedoms that have been bequeathed us?… “I can certainly relate with other families who kind of feel these ramifications of some PTSD and some of the woundedness that our soldiers do return with. And it makes me realize more than ever it is now or never for the sake of Americas finest that we have that commander in chief that will respect them and honor them.”

During her “Today” show interview, Guthrie brought up the PTSD question.

“I want to ask you about something you mentioned on the campaign trail, which is the arrest of your son Track. You talked about it, then you mentioned PTSD. And, you said that President Obama may be to blame for some of the PTSD that’s out there…”

“I never said that, I never said that,” Palin interjected.

Well, I want to take it piece by piece,” Guthrie replied.

At that point, Palin accused the show of breaking a “promise” not to talk about her family and only stick to questions about Iowa politics.

She claimed that she said she blames Obama for a level of disrespect of the military that is “made manifest in getting budgets, in not trying to beef it up and trying to let the military do what it’s trained to do.”

Someone should have told Palin that Congress determines the budget, not the president. Be that as it may, Matt Lauer reminded her that no promises were made.

“In terms of credibility there were no specific promises about the content of this interview,” he said.

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