Larry David was a scream as Bernie Sanders on the Saturday Night Live. He reprised his HBO role in a takeoff called 'Bern Your Enthusiasm.' (Photo: ScreenCap)

Larry David was a scream as Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live. He reprised his HBO role in a takeoff called ‘Bern Your Enthusiasm.’ (Photo: ScreenCap)

Larry David, this week’s “Saturday Night Live” guest host, gave the show some political punch with his uproarious Bernie Sanders impersonation. He does a take-off of his own HBO show–with a twist–and plays a plutocrat on a sinking ship opposite Sanders himself. Feel the Bern!

Sanders, the curmudgeonly Vermont Senator with stooped shoulders and grey hair, is tailor-made for David’s comedic skills.

The first skit is a take-off on David’s HBO Comedy “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Except this show is titled “Bern Your Enthusiasm.”

David pays Sanders with all the idiosyncratic tendencies of his curbed character. The Iowa Caucuses provide the backdrop. The scene opens during a Sanders political rally.

As he walks up the aisle to the stage, he’s greeting constitutes. A woman coughs into her hand, then extends it to shake Bernie’s.

“Bernie Sanders, I’m one of your biggest fans. Shake my hand!” says the woman.

But David’s character recoils.

“You coughed into your hand. I can’t shake it after a cough,” Sanders replies. A screaming match follows.

When he gets back to his campaign headquarters, he’s berated by his staff for refusing to shake her hand. But Bernie wasn’t about to go with a “cough and shake.”

He gets into another uproar because he wants coffee with whole milk, not two percent milk. So he heads out to get a cup on his own. As he’s walking to the coffee shop, a woman crashes her car on her way to vote.

She asks Sanders to reset her dislocated shoulder by popping it back in. Sanders gets a wrinkled look on his face and declares he’s not a “popper.”

All of this, of course, ties neatly back in with Sander’s razor thin loss to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic voting.

In a follow up script, David is a passenger on a sinking ocean liner. He can’t understand why the captain is only letting women and children first into the life boats. Then, just as he reveals he’s a rich plutocrat, the real Bernie Sanders ambles onto the deck.

Sanders proceeds to scold him about the problems with privilege in America.

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