Bill Murray in a scene from her 1980 movie 'Caddyshack' and (inset) on the green at Pebble Beach (Photo Collage: TheImproper)

Bill Murray in a scene from her 1980 movie ‘Caddyshack’ and (inset) on the green at Pebble Beach (Photo Collage: TheImproper)

Bill Murray, who captured every known golf misadventure in his classic 1980 comedy “Caddy Shack,” had his own moment on the golf course yesterday. He threw his golf club after shanking a shot off the tee and later got in a fight with fans who tried to take his photo. Police ended up being called.

Murray, 65, has an acerbic wit and it’s often hard to tell when he’s kidding and when he’s being serious.

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The incident unfolded at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am tournament on Wednesday (Feb. 10) and went viral after a video of the club-throwing incident was posted on Twitter by someone at the tournament.

Murray was participating in a hole-in-one contest on the par-three, seventh hole, when he apparently nailed a bad shot from the tee. He paused for a moment to follow the shot. Then, he tossed his club down the fairway.

The comedian, an avid golfer, was goofing all over the course, so the club-throwing incident may have been parody. But, obviously, club throwing is not acceptable golf etiquette.

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The real fireworks started afterward. Murray and other celebrities retreated to Vesuvio, a well-known celebrity watering hole in Carmel, Calif, near the famed golf course.


Murray was reportedly chilling on the hot spot’s rooftop lounge when two fans started taking photos of him, according to gossip site TMZ.

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He reportedly exploded at the fans, grabbed their cell phones and threw them over the railing, shattering them on the ground.

Murray reportedly became irritated because the fans were using a flash and were less than 10 feet away. Vesuvio owner Scott Pepe insisted the star was not drunk.

The fans were irate enough to call the police, but Murray had already hightailed it out of the restaurant, according to the gossip site.

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He later agreed to pay for the phones. In exchange, the fans declined to press charges, TMZ reported. Scott has reportedly now banned photos in his restaurant.

Check out the video below of his club-throwing incident and a trailer from his 1980 movie. To keep up with the latest celebrity news follow IM on Twitter; your support is important to us.