Jennifer Lawrence is under attack by a Christian group for her 'moral relativism' and support for Planned Parenthood, which is besieged by religious conservatives.  (Photo: ScreenCap)

Jennifer Lawrence is under attack by a Christian group for her ‘moral relativism’ and support for Planned Parenthood, which is besieged by religious conservatives. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Jennifer Lawrence is under attack by a Christian Web site for supporting Planned Parenthood. She credits the organization, at least partially for her success, because she did not get pregnant as a teenager thanks to contraceptives. The group called her remarks “anti-Biblical.”

Lawrence, one of the most successful young actresses in Hollywood, made the remarks in an interview with Glamour magazine.

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Lawrence said she couldn’t understand why the group, Planned Parenthood, was such a lightning rod of the religious right. “But seriously. What harm comes from supplying people with birth control, condoms, Pap smears and cancer screenings?” she said.

The actress said she had gone to Planned Parenthood as a teen for contraceptives. “Now I am a successful woman who has not had a pregnancy,” she added.

Lawrence grew up in a religiously conservative house in Kentucky. She calls it a “Jesus house.” She said condoms and birth control were “things [she] needed as a normal teenager.”

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But Diana Anderson-Tyler, the author of multiple books on faith and fitness, urged “Christian women” to “stop idolizing Jennifer Lawrence” in a newly published article on a Christian Web site.

“For reasons unknown, the actress has abandoned the morality that presumably accompanied her Christian upbringing,” Anderson-Tyler wrote.

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“Instead [she] subscribed to the fashionable postmodern worldview that decries absolutes, distrusts dogma and writes off godly principles as personal preferences,” she added.

Anderson-Tyler claims “postmodernism” is the problem. She likens it to candy that allows people to do whatever they want with whomever they like, including unprotected sex because “abortions are available to suit someone’s needs.”

Lawrence is not known to ever have had an abortion.

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The author cites a Bible passage in which Paul warned of a time “when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear.”


“This is exactly what is happening today,” she writes.

She charges that Lawrence is propagating “moral relativism,” because she views “premarital sex as a ‘normal’ and acceptable activity for teenagers.”

“The Internet, TV shows, movies and magazines bombard us daily with ideas and images of what the world has labeled “beautiful,’ ‘desirable,’ ‘healthy’ and ‘cool.’

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But Anderson-Tyler warns, “most of the time, what’s deemed beautiful, desirable, healthy and cool flies in the face of biblical teaching and rewards rebellion against God while discouraging a relationship with Him.”

“I pray that Ms. Lawrence would open her heart to Christ so she might know the One who loved her enough to die on a cross for her. He has an amazing plan for her life, as well as yours and mine, that not even Hollywood could dream up!” she adds.

No word yet from Jennifer Lawrence’s camp.

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