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Jessica Alba Boos Body, But GQ Video Says Otherwise (see!)

Jessica Alba Boos Body, But GQ Video Says Otherwise (see!) 1Jessica Alba judges herself by some pretty high standards. She thinks her body is the worse for wear after having a baby two years ago and is obsessing in a new interview over her saggy breasts. Is she crazy?

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Hollywood’s standard of perfection can been cruel, but Alba’s body is nothing to whine about, judging from a new phootshoot in the UK edition of GQ magazine.

After giving birth to daughter Honor, now two Jessica says everything on her body now sags.

“My breasts are saggy, I’ve got cellulite, my hips are bigger… every actress out there is more beautiful than me,” she laments.

Even so, Alba, 29, will be heating up the screen in the forthcoming “Machete,” a send-up of Mexican action films, also starring Lindsay Lohan and Robert Di Niro.

But a much heralded semi-nude scene of Alba in a shower turns out to have been altered by CGI. She’s is actually clothed in the scene.

Alba has previously sworn she would never do a movie nude sceen and says she feels less comfortable than ever, showing off her body.

She wore underwear in “Machete” scene because otherwise she would have panic attack.

“I’ve never been comfortable showing my body off. I used to have anxiety attacks before shoots,” she said.

During post-production, the crafty editors used CGI (computer-generated imagery) digitally remove the white underwear she wore for the shoot.

CGI editors reportedly also trimmed an inch or two off Alba’s already toned stomach and thighs.

Check out her GQ shoot in this video and click on photos to enlarge: