Mariah Carey put her heart into it, but couldn't hide the fact that she was lip-synching--badly--at the  Jamaica Jazz and Blues Fest on Friday (Jan. 30). (Photo:ScreenCap)

Mariah Carey’s plan for a blowout wedding that includes circus animals has drawn the ire of animal rights activists. They’re urging her not to go forward in a new petition. (Photo:ScreenCap)

Mariah Carey wants to turn her next wedding into a circus–literally. She’s planning circus-themed nuptials that will include lions, tigers and a few elephants, provoking animal rights activists to start a petition urging her to avoid “terrorizing and mistreating” animals. Clowns, apparently, are okay.

The 46-year-old pop diva is engaged to Australian billionaire James Packer. So you can bet the sky will be the limit for the ceremony.

“She wants carnival rides and a giant circus with baby elephants, white tigers, jugglers, acrobats and clowns,” an alleged friend of Carey’s told the Australian edition of Women’s Day magazine.

Care2, a web site devoted to promoting healthy living and politically correct causes is hosting the petition. So far it’s netted more than 79,000 signatures, the group says.

“Elephants and white tigers are decimated species and should be left alone and not used anymore as circus animals,” according to Catherine Gagon, who organized the petition.

“Doesn’t she realize how traumatizing it will be for these baby elephants to be separated from their mothers and be shipped on a boat to her dream wedding?”

The petition asks Carey to pledge not to include exotic animals in her wedding ceremony.

“If she is pouring money, why doesn’t she use it to protect elephants from ivory poachers instead of turning baby elephants into circus animals? How many will make it alive to her dream wedding, and will she pay to safely return them home after?” Gagon said in a statement.

“Please have a conscience and please don’t terrorize and mistreat wild animals, Mariah,” wrote UK petition signer Susan Ashby-Wyatt “You are better than that!”

Well maybe not. Carey is known for her extravagance.

In 2011, she reportedly spent $1.3 million to outfit a nursery for her twins at her Beverly Hills mansion, according to the UK’s Now magazine reported.

“Mariah wanted 18-carat gold trim, with ivory walls, soft furnishings and walk-in wardrobes full of Petit Trésor designer clothes,” a friend said.

The diva reportedly wants her wedding to be bigger than Princess Kate and Kim Kardashian. It would be her third marriage. She was previously married to music mogul Tommie Mattola and impresario Nick Cannon.

“I understand you want your wedding day to be memorable, we all want to have something special in our weddings nowadays,” wrote petition supporter Vanessa Martinez of Nebraska.

“But please understand that animals are misused… and often their care is ignored to suit our decorative and entertainment needs.”

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