Rihanna turns up the sexuality in her new 'Kiss It Better' video and flirts with nudity. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Rihanna turns up the sexuality in her new ‘Kiss It Better’ video and flirts with nudity. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Rihanna takes a minimalist approach to her new “Kiss It Better” video. She’s featured solo against a black background writhing and turning as she strokes herself seductively as she sings about “giving it up all night.” It’s voyeuristic to the max.

The Barbadian singer has never been shy about her feral sexuality and she pushes the limits on exposing herself without actually being naked.

But the sheer lingerie she wears leaves little to the imagination. Her naked body is clearly silhouetted in the outfits. And sometimes, more than silhouetted.

The song is off her latest album Anti. It was released to radio yesterday along with another hit from the set, “Needed Me.” She promised to release the video for “Kiss It Better” today (Mar. 31) and delivered right on time. (Which is no small thing.)’

Fans have been waiting for almost four years for her new music. Her last album Unapologetic, was released in 2012. She hasn’t unveiled any new direction in her music with the latest release, but maybe none is necessary.

Rihanna’s style and sexuality is so powerful, why build a better mousetrap when the one you’ve got works so well.

And, who knew she could balance four dice like that on her pelvis?

She hit the road on her “Anti World Tour,” on March 12, following a delay and will be making stops through August. She’s always been one of the hardest working artists in music, and it’s good to see she hasn’t lost a step.

Her show in Brooklyn yesterday (Mar. 30) was breathtaking. She’ll hit the stage next on Saturday in Newark, NJ.

Although her personal life and relationships have been a bit star-crossed, Rihanna shows she has a lot of love to give, even if it is self-love.

Check out her video below. Be sure you’re belted in for the ride. Then let us know your thoughts. Be sure to follow IM on Twitter for the latest music news.