Steven Colbert provided some insights into the Wisconsin Primary and Donald Trump's inability to rise above crass sloganeering. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Steven Colbert provided some insights into the Wisconsin Primary and Donald Trump’s inability to rise above crass sloganeering. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Stephen Colbert lapsed back into his “Comedy Central” form on the “Late Show” last night. How could he resist? He lampooned the results of the nutty Wisconsin primary and Republican presidential contender Donald Trump in particular.

Trump gave the comedian plenty of material to work with by demonstrating his total lack of knowledge about the government he plans to take over if elected.

Trump lost the GOP primary in the Badger state to GOP rival Ted Cruz, while Democrat Bernie Sanders handed front-runner Hillary Clinton a rare defeat.

Trump’s problem, according to Colbert, was his inability to rise above sloganeering and present some concrete proposals about what he’ll do if elected.

Trump tried to clarify his position during a Fox News town hall on Monday (Apr. 4). Oops! Big mistake. That’s all Colbert needed to go off on the candidate.

“Trump put that criticism to bed by finally giving Republican voters concrete examples of government agencies he would eliminate,” Colbert explained.

He cut to a clip from the town hall showing Trump announcing his plans to eliminate the “Department of Environmental,” also known, to Trump, as “the D.E.P.”

“We looked it up, and the Department of Environmental does not exist, meaning Trump is either talking out of his ass or he’s already eliminated it,” Colbert said.

Wisconsin voters may have figured out Trump, but voting for Cruz, a hard right Texas Senator, could have been all that appealing either.

Colbert called Cruz’s win, “a huge upset, because even if you voted for Ted Cruz, you’re still pretty upset about it.”

It’s great to see Colbert back in his old form, if not his old Comedy Central character. It makes us long for the days of Jon Stewart and crew.

Check out the video below, let us know your thoughts and be sure to follow IM on Twitter for the latest politiccal news.

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