Ted Cruz tried to prove he's really a likeable guy on the Tonight Show last night. But he just couldn't contain his smarmy personality. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Ted Cruz tried to prove he’s really a likeable guy on the Tonight Show last night. But he just couldn’t contain his smarmy personality. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Ted Cruz, the closest thing to a sociopath in high office since Richard Nixon, did his best to show he’s really a likeable guy on the “Tonight Show” last night. But his smarmy personality got the best of him when Jimmy Fallon revealed he’s been running for president since high school.

What kind of a guy lays out a detailed plan to attend Princeton University, earn a law degree from Harvard, enter politics, then run for President of the United States?

And lays it out for all to see in his high school yearbook?

The only thing stranger is the fact that Cruz has accomplished three out of his four goals. All that’s left is the Oval Office.

Still, the question has to be asked: What drives a teenager to sit in his high school history class and hatch a scheme to become President of the United States?

Was it out of some great desire to serve? A love of people? Or some pathological thirst for power deeply seated in the darkest recesses of his psyche?

Scarily it may be the latter since the Texas Senator is considered one of the least likeable people on Capitol Hill. “The list of GOP politicians and operatives willing to take open shots at Cruz has grown long,” according to The Washington Post.

Added to that is his equally scary believe that his success has been ordained by God.

Even his college roommate was freaked out by him. “I begged them for a different room or roommate. Begged. They didn’t understand then. They do now,” Craig Mazin tweeted about Cruz two years ago when he began his presidential quest.

“I would rather have anybody else be the president of the United States. Anyone,” Mazin told The Daily Beast. “I would rather pick somebody from the phone book.”

If it’s true sociopaths only value power and sex, then Cruz may fit the bill if allegations that he’s had multiple affairs prove to be true. So far he’s denied them, but he may well be the closest thing to a vampire since the “Twilight” series.

But for the moment, forget all that. Check out Ted Cruz, trying to be a regular guy on the “Tonight Show.”

Fallon sent the creep-o-meter soaring when he read from Cruz’s high school yearbook. Jimmy nervously laughed afterward. He was glad Cruz chose the Oval Office instead of his Tonight Show gig.

Good guy Ted was nothing if not self-deprecating. He said he wished in retrospect that he would have made his goal to be the “starting point guard for the Lakers.”

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