James Franco says he's a gay cock tease in a new interview, but has never had sex with a man. He's been known to be a rabid womanizer. (Photo: Instagram)

James Franco says he’s a gay cock tease in a new interview, but has never had sex with a man. He’s been known to be a rabid womanizer. (Photo: Instagram)

James Franco, known as a rabid womanizer, now says he’s “a little gay.” But he stops short of coming out and says he doesn’t sleep with men. It’s just that he has a “gay sensibility” and likes to be considered a “gay cock tease”

It’s hard to reconcile both, especially since Franco was outed trying to coax a female teenager into having quickie sex over social media.

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Two years ago this month, Franco admitted he made sexual advances on an 17-year-old tourist in New York City. He said it was just bad judgement and not a publicity ploy for his new movie “Palo Alto.”

The episode revealed the ugly side of celebrity and how some stars exploit fame for sex. His come-on occurred over social media and the texts were leak and went viral online.

On the other hand, a year before that, Franco went to bat for “I Want Your Love,” a film about two gay men that was banned in Australia because of an explicit gay sex scene. Franco called the move “silly” and “hypocritical.”

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So who knows where his sexuality lies? Even he admits it’s just as puzzling to him in a new interview with New York Magazine.

The discussion was prompted because he once said he was “a little bit gay in my work.”

He explained it this way:

“There is a bit of over focusing on my sexuality, both by the straight press and the gay press, and so the first question is ‘Why do they care?’ Well, because I’m a celebrity, so I guess they care who I’m having sex with. But if your definition of gay and straight is who I sleep with, then I guess you could say I’m a gay cock tease. It’s where my allegiance lies, where my sensibilities lie, how I define myself. Yeah, I’m a little gay, and there’s a gay James.”

Franco’s films resume includes a number of gay-themed pictures, including “Milk,” about San Francisco’s first gay council member. He’s currently starring in “King Cobra,” about a murder in the gay porn industry.

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He also played gay poet Hart Crane in his NYU student film “The Broken Tower” and directed the film “Interior. Leather Bar,” about cruising gay bars.

He also published a poetry tome “Straight James/Gay James,” about his sexuality.

It seems he may be more than “just a little gay.”

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